Monday, August 10, 2015

Panita Thai Kitchen is one of the best thai restaurant in Atlanta so far. I've been tried so many thai restaurant but never seen like this and finally I found it. Located in Virginia Highland, Panita Thai Kitchen was the only one and so authentic that will make you feel like you are in the exotic island of Asia and how I miss Thai food in Bangkok.

Established for almost 18 years since 1998, the owners Panjakarn and Cindy Thammaset from Chiang Mai bring the different atmosphere, strive to make the restaurant according to the original style in Chiang Mai and looks so homie. The place itself was pretty decorative with a variety of plastic flowers, shells and buddha statues, but still feel so comfort and pretty chic tho. Panitia Thai Kitchen also have 3 different places for lunch or dinner, One is definitely inside the building as you see on the picture below. Second, enjoy your dish under the sun on the garden, it will be nice but if you want to wait a bit longer for your food that will be fine, because they don't have server and only both of them who work as cook, server and cashier. The last, you can reserved private dinner spot for 15 person. Let me take you a tour.. XOXO

Once you step the entrance

I believe it should be a bar before 

see from the other side, it's a bar with the flowers details
Panita main room

Garden Entrance
Panita Thai Kitchen Garden Spot

Panita Thai Kitchen Private spot for lunch or dinner

Open daily for lunch noon - 2 pm and dinner 5pm - midnight. Best of Panita Thai Kitchen is The Drunken Noodle, it's a must try if you are planning to be here. Another fav dishes was Massamam chicken / beef with curry sauce and any kind of vegetables on it. For the appetizer, I choose Jungle salad with shrimp is perfect, tasty and they always serve with tropical fruits which is good for the flavor. Oopss don't forget to enjoy the Thai Iced tea, if its too sweet for you, ask the owners and pour some rum to the taste better. This is what I ordered on my second visit and enjoy our farewell luncheon!

START WITH JUNGLE SALAD! A very spicy combinations of steamed vegetables, shredded chicken and shrimp, top with dash of sesame.

IN HONOR OF THE KING! Marinated tender boneless chicken breast w/ red curry, fresh Thai herbs, Julienne lime leaves, coriander leaves, then pad fried and cooked to perfection in true Thai's chef manner. Crisp on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. Served w/ curried rice, cucumber sauce sizzling platter garnished w/ tomato and lemon.

THAI PRAWN! Prawns rolled in sesame seed with sour and sweet sauce.\

DRUNKEN NOODLE! Sauted rice noodle with garlic, bell pepper, soybean, chilli, basil leaves, Thai herbs and choice of chiken, beef, pork or shrimp. 

Price: $$
1043 Greenwood Ave NE, Virginia Highland
Atlanta, GA 30306

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