Monday, July 06, 2015

If Key West, Florida is one of your destination for traveling this year or another year ahead, you might want to read my travel story first before you decide to go to Key West or not. And, if you have no idea and wondering what is Key west! let me give you a glimpse. Key west is one of beautiful island in Florida, also known as small paradise that you might want to visit during your trip in United States. My journey in Key West also can be read on FEMINA MAGAZINE 2015 edition number 25 that already published a couple week ago in Bahasa edition a.k.a Indonesian magazine. I haven’t write the details on my blog about key west (but for sure, I will publish soon on separate article), also you might want to read my another article about less than $500 you can exploring Florida, read more here! And, if you’re Indonesian don’t forget to buy FEMINA MAGAZINE edition 25 and enjoy the story. Ciao fellas…

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