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Guys, it's been awhile I haven't post anything since the last two months! It's not because I'm too lazy but I've been spend my summer break before another routine schedule will haunted me as usual, LOL. So, the last two months I've been explored some States like Florida - Orlando, Miami & Key West, South Carolina - Charleston, Georgia - Savannah, Lousiana - New Orleans and the last Tennessee - Ocoee! What a surprise isn't it? I also can't believe about that schedule, everything happened without any plan, yeah I'm kind of person that travel with spontaneous, so if you want to invite me and get lost here and there, just let me know one week before, if my schedule is free then I'm down for any adventures.

Start with Florida, a warm and sunny state that you won't miss for summer break! Some people said travel to florida is quite expensive and a little bit hard if you don't have a car for transport in the city! But, one thing that you should know, I didn't rent any of car on my traveling, unless that I really needed, just like when I was in Denver or Utah. Can you believe that less than $500 you can explore 3 beautiful cities in Florida for 9 days? if you say no, then I will say YES! Nothing is impossible as long as you have courage, then you will find a way.

THEN HOW? I'll explain in general, but will be post separately about every place and more detail.

1. Public Transportation - BUS / TRAIN
If you are solo traveler like me, bus or train is our best friend! But if you have two or three people join with you, that will be okay to split the gas, but still you'll be exhausted to drive for 8-9 hours. So, I use MEGABUS.COM or Greyhound. As a local you might know about it, but if you're traveller/tourist, trust me this is one of the best way to travel in States and save more budget, or you can find any other buses for your destination ! As I remembered I booked all my tickets one week before departure, and I found it that from Atlanta to Florida is really cheap. Here's the details

Atlanta - Orlando $29, Orlando - Miami $1, Miami - Keywest - Miami $50 roundtrip (Greyhound, because megabus doesn't have the route for this),   Miami - Orlando $1, Orlando - Atlanta $35, Totally $116 for six tickets buses, that was cheap rather than you drive back & forth and pay for the gas.

Note: I prefer megabus than greyhound, from my personal experience, it more convenience, the seat was comfort, wi-fi and double deck bus. So I always sat at the second floor with the sky view, because their ceiling was covered by glass. Quite pretty huh!


Orlando: Definitely need a car if you want to go more further to cocoa beach or panama beach, but you can also take a bus! My plan is only go to Universal Studio and Downtown Disney. So, I used uber because it's really cheap!

Key West: You don't need a car. Enjoy the old and historic city by walk is the best thing, because everything is close. 

Miami: As for me, you don't need a car! Especially if your hostel located at the main street, all you need to do just walk along the beach. Even from the airport to the city, BUS is very convenience. (will post separately about how to get in the city).  

If you guys backpack traveller and don't have any budget to stay for motel/hostel or even Air B&B. I suggest you to join the biggest travel community in the world, couch surfing! Why and how it works? Basically you'll stay at someone / local home in any other country or city and you will visit. You don't need to pay, it's FREE because the mission of this community is to share and learn each other culture and make a new friend from all over the globe. The best thing from this community is all the host open minded, even if you can speak english fluently, it doesn't matter. Also as for me, I'm glad meet the local because I can ask a lot about the new place thet I visit, where to go for food, nightlife and so many thing. Is it safe? from my experience since I joined, I never had any bad or weird experience with my host, because before you surf and find a host, you can check out their profile and reference from the previous couch surfer. But, if you doesn't feel like comfy to stay with stranger at night, then Motel / Hostel is the best choice that you can get. If you want to give a shot & join with the community, make your profile and get connected with your new friend from over the globe at couchsurfing.org

I only stayed for one night in Orlando, it cost me $60 for two, so each $30 at Days Inn hotel. Not recommended but okay for me because I haven't booked any hostel until I get in town. What a crazy & stupid traveller isn't it? Haha, but I do have my personal reason that I can't explain. Oh, most of the hostel/motel in Orlando quite expensive tho, min is $60 and you can share with 2 - 4 person. It work, cause most of the bed are big enough for two person even for two star motel.  

Key West:
I stayed at Seashell hostel in Key West, $110 for two nights, that the cheapest hostel that I can get and it was pretty though. Recommended! (will be post separately)

Miami Beach International traveller hostel is the best choice and definitely high recommend. I stayed for 3 days and paid $90 include breakfast, lunch and dinner! GOOD DEAL 

Food & price are variety, pretty much the same, depends on what and where you eat. Especially in Miami and Key West, food are really expensive, but still, you can find another good food with a good deal in Miami and Key West, don't worry. You better make a budget on how much you will spend for food and drink a day. Also, There are tons of free attractions that you can find in the city. The key is, keep curious with the city, use your technology - internet and social media that will show you everything you need from A to Z! But if you have more budget, then why don't you try something that you really want. Like me, I spend $205 for two days in Universal Studio Orlando, but it was worth after all. Will be post about it separately.

4. Is your expenses is over than that, then it's because of your lifestyle daily. One thing that you can reduce your cost is your budget for hotel, by using Couchsurfing you will save more money, get a new experience and new friend! Cîáo

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