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Back in the day when I travel to Miami by myself and heading to go to Key West by used Greyhound. I had some problems about the directions on how to get here and there. I'm looking on the google for the answer but it's not really work. And, it's not just happened with me, most of traveller from another country or even netizen also faced the same problems, just like me. So, I'm thinking to made this post to help you guys - my fellas traveller from wherever you are, hopefully I can answer the questions that you guys looking for. 


I'm taking a bus from Orlando to Miami, it took 4 hours on the road then I stop at the Airport because I thought it's the easy way to stay connect with the local bus to go to the greyhound station or city or even if I want to take a cab. 

Note: If you want to go to Key West by bus from Miami, then greyhound is the only one that will take you there. But the problems is they have two station, which is one in 4111 NW 27th St, Miami and the other one at the airport. On my tickets only said that I have to departure from Greyhound St. So what should I do? Which station should I go? Can I go from the airport or what? 

Here's the Q&A on my mind and I found out the same question on some discussion web but I didn't get the right answer.

Q: How to get to Greyhound St in 4111 NW 27th St from the Miami airport?

A: No matter how you get to the airport. Uber is the only way to get to the station in 4111 NW 27th St. It's only cost you $10 and about 7 minutes. Avoid bus because it will take you forever and you will be late or do not ever try to walk. I remember last time I'm trying to walk and follow my GPS from airport to the station,  my GPS said approximately 20 minutes, but I can't find the right way for walk, because you will cross Highway! stupid GPS. haha

Q: Can I ride from the airport rather than go to the station on 4111 NW 27th St?

A: Yes, I'm asked one of the officer on the station, she said "you can". But you can make you sure again if you want by contact the office, in case they change the rule. Telephone number (305) 871-1810.

Q: How long does it take from airport to greyhound station?

A: 7 minutes. Because the last I went there. I only have 30 minutes spare time from my megabus and change to greyhound. So, you will be fine if you only have 30 minutes before your departure.


After explore Key West, I'm heading back to Miami and spend for the weekend. The bus (greyhound) drop me at the Airport, which is good, so it will be easy for me to go to my hostel - Miami Beach International Traveller Hostel located in 9th street. Actually there are two options that I can choose to get the city between from the airport or greyhound station on 4111 NW 27th Street. I suggest you to stop at the airport because it's more safe and easy.

Before to get to public bus, first you should take a shuttle train inside the airport. After the bus drop you off, all you need to do is go inside the terminal building and follow the sign that will take you to the train and public bus.

From Miami Greyhound Bus Station at 4111 NW 27th Street:

Public Bus - you have to walk one block west to Le Jeune Road (27th Street and 42nd Avenue) and get on the metro bus marked "J BEACH". This bus will take you to 41st and Indian Creek where you should transfer to Bus C, K or H going to south. Exit the bus at 9th Street and Washington Ave and the hostel is right cross the street at 236 9th Street.

note: As for me, this route is not recommended!

From Miami International Airport:

Public Bus - do not take J bus or what ever, because you should transfer to another bus. I highly recommend you to take 150 AIRPORT FLIER BUS! Only $2.35 you just sit at the bus, get a free wi-fi on the bus and stop at 9th Street and Washington Ave, which is you don't need to transfer. It's easy right?

- Avoid the cab. But it's okay if you want, but you have to pay $40 just like my friend did or you can take the super shuttle from the airport and it's only $21.
- Avoid to buy a day pass ticket bus. Because you'll not use it daily. Especially if you stay at the hostel that I recommend, all you need to do just walk or even if you take a cab in the city, it's not expensive.
- even if you're not stay at that hostel, you can still use 150 Airport Flier Bus to get in town and vice versa.


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