FIMELA NETWORK is the biggest online fashion and lifestyle magazine in Indonesia since 2010. I'm proud being part of FIMELA Network as Marketing Communcation Manager / Promotion Manager for 2 years. As a part of this company, I was contribute myself and took responsibilities for 3 portal online magazines, which divided into FIMELA.comFIMELAgirl.com and FIMELAFAMILY.com. Each one of them has different target readers, but it’s a broad and continuity path of women’s neighborhood. During that time, I managed and maintain for digital marketing campaign, BTL activations, budgeting, partnership, media relations and execution for every brand activations based on our business plan or clients needs. Me, my team (consist of 4 other persons) and sales division create monthly and yearly creative campaigns. We presented to the clients, negotiate with them, and then developed the idea with Editor In Chief, Production Team and all divisions. 

FIMELA NETWORK is not just a company for me, I joined FIMELA on the second year and I feel like we are not just working as colleagues but our connection is more like family especially all the executive level like my Director who trust me a lot to handle all the project even I made a lot of mistake, they're not blaming on me, but the opposite, they push me to the limit to learn and learn, also more responsible, mature, wise in every decision that I made. They really teach me how to grow up as a leader. The best things that I learn and remembered was they believe me for being a manager on my younger ages, 23th years old being a manager is one of my biggest achievement in my life.

So, here I presented to you all the success stories project that Me and my team handle for FIMELA Network:


FIMELAfest'12 is a second anniversary or a yearly annual event of FIMELA NETWORK after the successful of the first FIMELAfest'11 at November 2011. It is a three days women empowerment & lifestyle festival. We presenting: Women Seminar (IWOW - INDONESIA WOR(L)D of WOMEN, Lifestyle Bazaar such as food, fashion, etc, Entertaiment Show, Talkshow, Workshop, Teen girls Activity, Family Programs & Competition. Also we have a social movement campaign as a mission and engaging women communities and social movement communities. Our theme of the campaign was " SPEAK4PEACE. 

Here's the coverage video for the three days event, you can find more article at www.fimela.com



FIMELAHOOD goes to PARIS in 2012 is another successful event to educate Indonesian Women for seeing the latest update on of the must seen fashion week in the world. Our first project we are collaborate with XL and SONY Indonesia as sponsor and we bring 3 leading fashion & beauty bloggers in Indonesia as our team. This project based on online competition, which is we have more than 2000 girls who joined the competition and after long step by step challenge, process and judging, at the end we choose 1 winner to join with us to Coverage Paris Fashion Week.  

FIMELAHOOD goes to NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2013 is a continue fashion project after the successful of the FIMELAHOOD goes to PARIS. In our second project, we collaborate with TRESemme as a main sponsor and we also bring 3 top fashion blogger and one singer as our team. At this time, our company given an opportunity for one employee in any level who want to join to coverage NYFW as internal competition. There are a lot of challenges as the same as the competition it self for our readers. After presentation our proposal why we're qualify to join with the team and presentation also judging by the owner and CEO. I won the internal competition. So, here's the coverage of the event. Me as a project manager and also helps as video and photographer. 

Teaser Promo:

Video coverage for 5 days.

Me as a photographer

Me as an additional videographer

INDONESIA WOMENPRENEUR COMPETITION is based on online competition with national range to find a smart women, talented, creative, have a strong idea and passionate to make the idea into the prospect business in the future. Our target is a women between 25-45 y.o who want to be an entrepreneur and also open for new start up business who already establish less than 2 years. Our project supported by Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection Republic of Indonesia also we collaborate with Inmost Telecommunication as our partner. After 3 months online activation, we collected more than 500 entries and choose 10 best candidates to join our workshop before awarding night.


It's one of Jakarta biggest fashion event - takes the form of the massive indoor party featuring fashion show, live music, entertainment, special guest, real time, shopping and more. The event it self takes more than 6 months, roadshow to 30 High school and reach about 4000 thousand teenager in Jakarta & Surabaya to join and attending this competition. Our mission is looking for a talented young person in modeling, music, video and dance competition. Every winner has a big prize also will be featured in our website and they can used it as one of their achievement or portfolio. To see the hypes of this event, you can click the link below:




FIMELA FAMILY - KIDS FASHION ARCADE it's Three days fun family competition including entertainment, bazaar and workshop for children. Our collaboration with Ciputra World Surabaya Mall is to support every talented kids in any aspect such as modeling / fashion show, drawing, dance and Indonesia fashion heritage by making competition for kids. Also, we believe that every kids has a talent that we need to be in sharpening and develop since the begining also to educate and motivate every parents to support their children in so many aspects, not just a study but by support them by their talent for the bright future. Our project supported by so many sponsors, partners, agency and many more. 

Here's the fun and hilarious coverage for kids fashion arcade. 



Up above are some of the successful project that I highlight for my portfolio, there are so many project that I can't put in including for the project that I handle at FEMINA MAGAZINE, because it's a printed magazine, so I need time to collect all the coverage since the beginning I worked  there. Otherwise, I hope my portfolio could be your consideration and bring me an opportunity to be one of your team and we would make another successful story. Last but not least, here's some of the special projects based on clients needs in a short period like a months even a week competition, but Me and my team made it very well and achieve our clients needs.

FIMELA STYLE RENEWAL! Collaborate with Asia Next Top Model & The Judge - Nadya Hutagalung & Todd Tyler Anthony for early new year in 2013.


We collaborate with P&G to commemorates Mother's Day by making online competition. Our mission is to invite every peoples to appreciate their mom by making a poem or a short give thanks sentence for their mom and uploaded to our special website, so everybody can read it. The best writing poem will be win a prize trip to BALI for 3 days with their mother.

ENDLES POSSIBILITIES THRU FASHION XPLORATION is one of a series of events conducted by FIMELA.Com with XL. As we know that the XL's commitment to be the quality of data services provider in Indonesia, with the tagline "Xlangkah more advanced".  XL present one of the latest Brand XL Xplor with the aim to educate customers on the service data presented in the form of a complete showcase of data services and leading as well as a live experience programs such as those in Xplor Xl, Xl service Edu, Xl Games, XL Mall, XL Photobooth, etc. Every customer will be assisted by the consultant of the team XL Xplor. For the opening of XL Xplore, we collaborate with talented fashion designer Indonesia - Didiet Maulana by Ikat Indonesia for fashion show.


As we know in Indonesia, most of the career women they used car everyday to go to work and daily activities. With the aim to educate women to be more beautiful not just by the appearance but also inside their beauty mind and soul. FORD collaborate with FIMELA.com to appreciate women by the spend a day for grooming from head to toe, shopping, financial workshop, beauty treatment, a romantic dinner and also our aim is to present  and acknowlegde all the women about the new, comfy, and stylish car for women in daily activities. 

So, that 's all my portfolio. Thanks.

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