Tuesday, July 07, 2015


The first day I arrived in Key West, I have no idea where to go, after check in at the hostel, I’m walked around by myself without any plan or maps, cause I know, I will not get lost in Key West. I walked with the flow as long as I can and end up at sunset pier around 6 pm. My eyes was tired after long road and my feet a little bit hurt but one thing that open my eyes was that the spot is almost full with hundred people jam on the pier and try to block some best spot to enjoy the best sunset. I don’t even imagine the pier will be packed as you seen on the picture below. My advice is be there as early as you can to avoid the traffic! The sunset was amazing as you see below. So, I can tell this the best sunset and worth to wait even I’ve to face and dealing with people who more bigger than me, but at least I’ve the best sunset pics as I can. And, if you come early, don’t worry if you’ll get bored because while you wait for the sunset, you will be entertain from some attraction on the pier.

entertainment on Sunset Pier

More than hundred people waiting for sunset at sunset pier Key West

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