Thursday, July 16, 2015

New York City is one of the best place to explore culinary from all over the world. Last time I've been to NYC, me and my buddies spent every single days hunting for best and cheap food that hidden in New York. Brunch is a must! so, after I running at Central Park for 2,5 hours, I'm heading to lower east side and meet up at GAIA Italian Cafe.

Gaia Italian Cafe located at 251 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002. If you heard the named of the restaurant, you might think that Gaia is an expensive spot for brunch or lunch, at least that's why I thought. I used my gps and direct me for five minutes from the train station, because I never been to this neighborhood before and fyi, GAIA located in basement between some building, just like Toto Ramen but this one is more hiding. Once I get there, surprise me, we got a spot and it's not crowded as usual. We only wait for 5 minutes until our table are clean. Our eyes almost pop up by looking at the menu, seriously, Italian food for $5-10? Really?! We are so happy to see that and would love to order anything, but we need some space for another spot. 

All the food was AWESOME! Our Spinach and Ricotta Ginochi for $7 was incredible, start from the fresh tomatoes sauce, cheese, even the Ginochi itself was tasty.

I love those Panini, one is Delizioso (prosciutto cotto, mozarella, tomato,anchioves and mustard for $5) and the other one is Milanese (chicken cutlet, pesto sauce and tomatoes for $5), Actually we order lasagna and come with something different, so we just ate that without asking the server. You know the effect of hungry, so we can eat anything without hesitate. HAHA. But, one thing for sure, the bread was crispy and thin, it's so different. I really enjoy my brunch here, definetely will be back here even the chef and also the owner a liltle bit grumphy and high temper, maybe! But actually not, she's a nice person and it was just busy day so she's really hectic to back and forth for cook on the kitchen and being a cashier at the same time. Salute! Oh, don't forget to try their dessert, some cookies like Brioches with nutella will be a good idea before you leave.


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