Wednesday, July 08, 2015

After spent a couple days in Orlando, I continue my journey to Key West, Florida. I took Megabus from Orlando to Miami, it’s pretty cheap only $1. Stop at Miami International airport then I took an uber to drop off at Greyhound station (another cheap bus in United States - cost me $55 round trip). Five hours from Miami to Key West it’s not that long compare from Atlanta to New York City, but my trip totally 9 hours from Orlando to Key West and for your information, they don’t have direct bus from Orlando to key west, so you need to transit on Miami. Read more here about the transportation in Miami and trust me you won’t get lost.

My trip was wonderful, the long drive was paid by looking at the view of the Islamorada and key largo ocean, my eyes was pampered by the beauty of the blue ocean all the way there to Key West. The water is really clean, make my mind blowing and the hot weather make me feel wanna jump to the water while the bus keep running. But that’s all my imagine. Arrived at Key West International airport at noon, the bus stop at the parking deck, while some traveler that ride the bus with me a lil bit confused and looking for the transportation to the city. Lucky me, my friend told me how to go to my hostel, which located around Duval street. And, I would love to share with you about this precious note! Here’s the tips;

1. Use the pink cab. It’s the only cab that Key West have, do not think about uber. There’s no Uber or left on Key West. HAHA also avoid the bus.

2. If you solo traveler, make sure you make a friend with another tourist or traveler that you meet on the bus or the airport and tell them to use the same cab together. WHY? is it safe with stranger? why should I do that??
The reason is if you use the cab by yourself from the airport to the city or to the main street which is Duval street where most of traveler or tourist will be stay in. They will cost you $17, but if you ride together with someone that you just meet, at least 2 person including you, they only charge you $9 even you guys stay at different hotel, it doesn’t matter. Because they only need more than one passenger. So it will save a couple bucks and really worth! Vice versa if you wanna go back to the airport.

3. In Key West, you don’t need a car. This historical town is pretty small. One day is enough if you’re not planning to diving or snorkeling. All you need to do just walk in the main street called Duval street and you’ll pass the shopping center, clubs, restaurant and souvenir place. But if you wanna go further like to go to GIGER ISLAND which known as naked island, yes you need a car. Because it’s pretty far and outside the town. 

4. If you still insist need some transportation, scooter or bicycle is perfect, save money and very friendly. There are some places in Duval St to rent a scooter.

Hopefully this guide will help you during your trip in Key West. Have fun! ciao…

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