The cheapest trip to Guangzhou-Shenzhen, Hongkong and Singapore

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's been a long time, i never write and manage my blog since i've been busy with my timeline event around the city of Indonesia and i realized that i missed to put it on my journey down here. well this is one of my long journey, and it's just begining at 2012.. i'm really tired but it's fun all the time with my besties. and i thought that everyone will be jealousy with the itenarary that i made it for this trip. and surprise me it's gonna be awesome trip and a lots of people want to join with this cheapest trip because so many travel agent starting offer some itenarary like what i did but it's too expensive man.let's started...
14 days to make a new journey, it begin from 24 december 2011 till 07 januari 2012 / Jakarta - singapore - Guangzhou - Shenzhen - Hongkong - Singapore - jakarta. here we go from the detail :
My tickets Aircraft:
24 december 2011 Jakarta transit to Singapore till 26 december 2011 in the morning ( 4 o'clock arrive to the budget terminal and move to Guangzhou).

26 December 2011 from singapore moves to Guangzhou International Airport, Flight with Tiger Air from Singapore - Guangzhou IDR 1,3K ( not include baggage)

26 December 2011 i'm stay at guangzhou till 31 December 2011 in the morning , then i move to Shenzhen and Hongkong by train.
Guangzhou - Shenzhen i'm going by Train just 80RMB +/- IDR92K it's takes 1 hour 30 minute to arrive at shenzhen from IKEA Guangzhou station
Shenzhen - Hongkong with TRAIN just 30HKD +/- IDR 32K it's takes 1 hour

04 january 2012 at night from Hongkong - Singapore IDR 900K include baggage 20 kg each person, then i stay just 3 days in singapore.

07 january 2012 at noon i'm going back to Indonesia with Air asia airlines.
totally budget for my aircraft just IDR 3,3K you can go the 4 country but excluded Visa IDR 575.
NOTE: Jakarta - singapore - jakarta it just IDR 1,1K ( go to the singapore without baggage, back to Jakarta include baggage 25kg)

this is the best things that i can share with all of you, on the next page, i'll share about the detail day by day and some recommended place if you guys going there ;) enjoy the day -xoxo

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  1. hai..bisa bahasa indonesia kan? hee.. mau nanya, rencananya long week end mei ini mau kesana dengan rute.. hk-macau-shenzhen-guangzhou(tidak menginap)-shenzhen-hk. pertanyaannya: visa china nya udah terlanjur jadi yg single entry.. bener gak ya? apa harus double entry? thanks yaaa

  2. Haii dessy.. Kalau kaya gitu rutenya ngga bisa single entry, soalnya gue dulu juga rutenya mau kaya gitu, jd mesti double entry, kamu bikin visanya pake travel agent kan? Kayanya masih keburu deh utk dibuat double entry.. Seru ya long weekend ini, tp sebentar doank sayang loh, krn nggak puas explore nya :)
    Semoga membantu n have a nice trip