GET LOST in BANGKOK for the first time?!

Monday, January 21, 2013

DAY 1 : First time in Bangkok and GET LOST!

Hello readers and traveller, so happy i have free time to share with all of you about my first journey in Bangkok. So, if you're going to Thailand for the first time, you don't need to worry, because Thailand is very easy to be learned. And, the most important thing when you are traveling to somewhere for the first time and you don't know the place at all, just don't panic and enjoy every single time when you GET LOST! That is the key I guess..

Let me telling you what I did on my first day in Bangkok. My first impression about Bangkok is really cool, the airport is so modern and chic. There are lot of things that you can buy on your free time. And what you need to do for the first time before you leave the airport is find a Local Number! That will be very important and helps you to find anything with the internet and GPS if you get lost.

Here the local number that I recommended to you:
If you are using iPhone, you can buy Happy Tourist by Dtac Provider, it was very cheap and unlimited internet for 7 days. It cost 300bath / IDR 90.000,- 

And for the BlackBerry users, you can use TRUE Provider. It was very cheap but I didn't buy it, because I can use my personal hotspot in iPhone to get internet for my BlackBerry. Smart shopper, right? A.k.a HEMAT.

Okay, if you're done with the communication provider and else, now let us continue to go out from the airport. As you might know as well, there was a transition from Suvarnabhumi Airport & Don Muang Airport to the city. The route might change as well, but for you who come to Bangkok for the first time, that will be easy, let me guide you.

Follow the sign to get BTS at basement from the airport into the city. There are two major transportations that will help you at Bangkok: BTS (Bangkok Train Station) and MRT. BTS are above the road, while MRT (as we know) an underground train. Both are easy to use depends on your destination to go. We're taking the BTS to Phraya Tai, that was the last transit station to the city. After that, you can use MRT to go to Asoke - Shukumvit area. It was very near, cheap and faster with MRT.

Me and my friend were stay in Tune Hotels. Just remember one tips for the traveling guide. You must check the hotel first before you booked and make sure the hotel is very near with the public transportation or station. This kind of thing will (definitely) helps you to reach your destination easier and faster, so no need to waste much time.

Anyway, Tune Hotels had a very easy access and only 100 meter from the Asoke station to the hotel. The hotel was very nice, clean and lot of friendly staffs, which made us more comfortable to asked them about Bangkok etc. They were really helping me during my time there.
Yess, we are having a Good time here :)
After we drop all the luggage and take a bath, we were going to Chao Praya and China Town.

Chao Praya is one of the destination that tourists must visit. Actually it was just a river, maybe a long and big river. That area use one of the public transportation (which is, boat) to accross the river into Grand Palace temple, one of the biggest and the icon of Thailand that you must visit.

1000 Baht only to accross the river, it is quite expensive but worth it. After the boat left us, we're thinking, are we in the right place? Because I saw the temple was not big like what I expected before. Then I realize, we're get lost and we must walk for almost 20km to go there. Here's another nice view from Chao Praya :)

That was really far, FUN and so tired untill we found the biggest and the right Grand Palace. But, unfortunately the temple was closed already, at 6pm. We're too late. So I decided to keep enjoy the journey by taking a picture from the outside temple and that was fun. After that, we're going to China Town and night market area, the place was so crowded and full of the cheapest things such as: shirts, bags, 'till this gorgeous Street Tom Yam Noodle.. I just liked it and you must try this street food and you might also try some crazy food like crispy cockroach, it's only 100 bath per pax and if you just want to take some picture, it cost 10 bath.. wanna try??

Crispy Cockroach in Chinatown Bangkok

So, that was my journey on the first day. Another awesome day are waiting and there are lot of places to go on my list for the next day. Last but not least, one tips for you guys, do not push too hard for the first day, just make sure you eat well to have an extra energy for the next day. Therefore, you will more enjoying your every single day and have fun to get lost in Bangkok.

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  1. Good post, keep it up, I want to read more :D

  2. your post really inspired me to visit Bangkok and travel around in Thailand. Now i found a really cheap flight at and can finally afford to go there, really looking forward, and thanks for the inspiration

    1. Hi jules, glad to heard that, hopefully you have a wonderful holiday then, don't forget to vist asiatique, enjoy holiday and happy get lost ya :)