Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Flavor and uniqueness of typical Balinese food has become one of the most unique characteristics after the beautiful panorama by this paradise island. The culinary in this hearty city - which also known as the most romantic place by some people, it offers a variety of refreshing, different and of course delicious and attractive foods. Let's find out the Warung Gula bali - The Joglo.

Best local food is always tempting, even if you’re already full but you still wanna try a good food, don’t you? Well, still talking about Balinese food and tradition, when I was there, I really wanna try a local food that really different and I never try before. Another challenging part is I also want to find some food where no one else discover yet, I mean foodies and tourist, because mostly they eat an usual food at some popular places when they are in bali. It's just my opinion, anyway, am I right?  

Warung Gula Bali “THE JOGLO” is one of the best local food (at least for me) that served anykind of Balinese food style with the good taste, ambiance and also affordable price. The signature dishes that you might want to try are bubur sumsum (Indonesian gruel with sweet sauce), Tipat Cantok / Gado-gado (Indonesian food served with coconut sauce and mixed vegetables), Rujak Campur Gula Bali (mixed fruits with brown sugar sauce), Rujak Bulung Kuah Pindang (Seawed with Indonesian sauce and vinegar), Daluman (ice cendol) and more to come. And, my favorit dishes that I have tried here are Rujak Bulung Kuah Pindang, the taste is really fresh in my mouth and I love Singkong Salju (cassava with coconut milk). 

All the foods here was delicious, it might be look so simple but you will hard deny the taste. Some foods are so humble but outstanding.

Rujak Bulung Kuah Pindang

The ambiance is nice and full decorated with Balinese style which you can tell it Home. It’s really a good place to comfort yourself for breakfast and brunch. But, please bear in your mind to come here before lunch time, it’s very crowded hence everyone wanna eat here. If you find yourself curious with this place, here are the picture to help you…

Business Hours: 8am to 5 pm
Ph: 0361 - 248848

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