Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bali. It's one of many places that always make me kind of miss it after the last time I went there. Well, who doesn't like Bali anyway? Good food, good friends and beautiful view from Bali is always remind me how happy I am when I was there. As we know that Bali have a lot of places to go, wherever you take another step, you will find something new, different and totally yummy for your tummy! A hidden gem for you: like Sari Organic or Bodag Maliah..

Have you heard before about Sari Organic or Bodag Maliah? If you don’t, here’s a good news that I want to share with you, because sari organic is something that probably not familiar for people who doesn’t like an organic food. This one is totally different and anti-mainstream, because mainstream food is enough, Lol.

So, Sari Organic is located in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. I don’t really know about the area, but lucky me, I’ve a good local friends in Bali, so they took me to Sari Organic. Anyway, Sari Organic is specialize in growing organic vegetables and rice from local produce. Liked what they’ve said, I tried and choose my lunch with “ Nasi Campur Vegetarian” it’s a mixed between tofu, tempe, vegetables and other ingridients with rice. The taste is was good and really nice, especially their “perkedel”, really love their food, and I saw some of other food that they served here on the other tables was looks good, it’s somethings that you need to try when you’re in Bali.

Satisfied with the yummy, now let's talk about the place. It was BEAUTIFUL because you will cross the local housing, rice fields and other pretty scenery that I bet you cannot buy it with money. The view is amazing, as you see at the picture below, the beauty of nature. As I remembered, when I sat down at one area of these natural landscape, words are nothing, I was speechless. All that you gotta do is enjoying the beauty of God creation with the fresh wind and clearly sky without pollution.

But, here’s 5 things that you should know before you come here and what to wear:
1.    Wear a simply shirt or T-shirt and a comfort shoes because you’ll walk through the valley around 800 meter from parking lot to the place. And, for women, do not use High heels, it doesn’t help you or makes you prettier here ;)
2.    Bring and used a sunblock, it works if you don’t want to burn your skin or make it tanned.
3.    Wear sunglasses to protect your beautiful eyes.
4.    Used a hat or umbrella if you hard to handle the sun light.
5.    Don’t forget to bring your camera and video recorder for capture all the moment.

And the last, those are some picture that I took when I was there, it’s pretty right.

courtesy by sari organic
courtesy by sari organic
courtesy by sari organic

courtesy by sari organic

courtesy by sari organic

You can visit their website or make a reservation for your lunch or dinner at

Jl. Sok Wayah, Ubud.
Tel (0361) 780-1839 or 972 087
Business hours: 8am to 8pm

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