Friday, January 17, 2014

Asia, as we know there are so much more about their culinary things that will be fun to explore. Especially in Hong Kong - known as one of the most recommended place to shop. So, if you're done and satisfied to shop here, the next question will be: where to go to satisfy my belly? Here comes a list of one day culinary journey from Food Steps Journal, there was an interesting dish that will entertain your tongue, no need to hesitate, come here to stop by, ready?

Baked crab shell stuffed with  fresh crab meat and onion
YUE restaurant - one of the recommended Michelin Starred restaurant. YUE serves authentic Cantonese dishes, Hong Kong delicacies and Traditional Dim Sum. You know, dim sum always perfect to be eaten anytime you want, especially during holiday, right?

Baked Crab Shell stuffed with fresh crab meat and onion was one of my favorite food during my last trip in Asia. And the second was Seared star groups fillet with fish maw on egg whites with truffle sauce. Both of these menu successfully made me starving! When I look those picture, I can hear my tummy growls once again because I can still remember how good the taste in my mouth.

Another menu that you should try is Smoked Chicken with fragrant tea leaves and soy sauce. The smell was really good and also scrumptious. when I ate that, it was so tender and crispy.. Nyummm.....

 Seared star groupa fillet with fish maw on egg whites with truffle sauce
Seared star groupa fillet with fish maw on egg whites with truffle sauce

Mixed Dim SumSteamed dumpling shrimp, deep-fried taro dumpling stuffed with cheese and seafood, Cherry tomatoes in pamelo vinegar, Honey-glaze barbecued pork, Wok-fried wagyu beef cubes with garlic chips, Deep-fried eggplant stuffed with minced pork in garlic crisp.

Fried rice with  shrimps, conpoys and mushroom in abalone sauce wrapped with lotus leaf

Chilled sago sweet soup with osmanthus jelly cubes

Sometimes, there is no enough word to describe how delicious these menu. Therefore you need to go there and taste them by yourself. Meanwhile, until your time, 

let my pictures tell what words can't tell.  

YUE Chinese Restaurant.
 1/F, City Garden Hotel, 9 City Garden Rd.
North Point, Hong Kong,
Phone: 2806-4918.  

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