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There's something about vacation that always excites my bone. I think that's how the word 'travel' means so much for me, and maybe you too guys. Then, how about Singapore? Some Jakartans who might travel often to Singapore probably feel a bit boring. But if you have longer time to explore, it will be worth it to try something new; discover new places and wander around this city of lion. Hint for you, Pasar Bella is another hidden gem to be found! It's the largest trades community in Singapore. You'll find cool stuffs, nice decorations, and drooling foods! Curious? Check them out!

Hello Foodies and Travel Writer, before I shared my culinary trip, I would like to say
Happy New Year and have a Blessed year ahead to all of you..

The last Christmas in 2013, I took a vacation to Singapore and being a tour guide for the people who were there with me. It was fun since the last time I visited there, yeah.. With different travel mates then we have different experiences ;). The city was not much different since the last time I visited. I try to figure out what's the newest thing in Singapore, is there anything new after enjoying the Marina Bay, Garden By The Bay, Sentosa beach, Clarke Quay and Merlion Park? Maybe for new tourist, yess it was very excited, but if you come again for more than three times, definitely those places still the same and you need something new, either for attraction or culinary place.

I remember, that there is a large community of trades and merchants where you can find lot of food stalls. Starting from homemade eateries until nice food product, especially if you love seafood, you will find the most fresh one! And, there are some unique and cute stuffs to decorate your home. It was a new excitement when I heard about it, but I don't know the exact position of that place. And mostly when we asked the local people, they seems unfamiliar with Pasar Bella. I'm scratching my head and keep try to find it.

So, with a little bit of information that I've collected, Pasar Bella is located at Grand Stand Bukit Timah which I don't know (yet) where it is because the location was not in the MRT Route Map. I try to figure it out by myself using my knowledge about Singapore. I guess the location is very far and mostly there are no attraction spots, only resident area, college/university and horse race area. The unique spot that I've seen there was a Campus Dog. If you consider yourself as a dog person, you might want to go there and see lot of dogs are being trained. Go straight a bit, and voilaaaa! I saw a big wooden building with rustic theme and the billboard "Welcome to Pasar Bella" there you go! The location is quite far from the city like I thought.. HAHA but, I still excited about that, so let's get lost now..

THESE are some photos and video about Pasar Bella, it's a huge place!


Pasar Bella located at Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287994, 
contact: +6568870077

That was my first time and I really get lost, we walked for hundred miles from the bus stop to the GrandStand. Trust me, with these simple directions from me, you won't get lost! Learn from other people experience is a wise thing to do in traveling, haha. So, here's some information to help you guys.. Take note and enjoy your ride:

1. Wherever you stay at Singapore, you need to use MRT and stop to Newton Station (red line).
2. Exit A/B (sorry I forgot which one) and find the Bus Stop.
3. Using bus number 171 / 170 and ask the driver to stop at 5th Avenue.
4. When you arrived at 5th Avenue, there is shuttle bus to GrandStand, so you don't need to walk for hundred miles like what I did before. Just wait the Mini Van, and it's FREE of charge.
5. Voilaaa, you made it! Welcome to GrandStand and Pasar Bella - The largest community for trades and merchant.
6. If you're done having fun at Pasar Bella, find the shuttle bus and use the same Mini Van from GrandStand to 5th Avenue / Bus Stop to Newton Station or the nearest station from where you stay.

Enjoy and happy hunting guys..

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