Friday, January 22, 2016

There's no places that I visited I haven't fallen in love with, whether it was for 10 minutes or a couple years! I do believe that every places has their own story to tell, whether is good or bad experience. After I got back from my trip, friends always asking me which city is my favorite and I enjoyed the most. As for me, every destination are awesome to visit, but the question is which one has stolen my heart the most? So, here's the answer where #Ileftmyheartin..... 

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco reminds me of where I grew up. The people, big building, traffic, food, nightlife and so many thing, not exactly the same but the vibe. Spent almost a week without any list things to do is amazing cause you don't have always need a plan, sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go & see what happen and exploring Bay area by myself was another awesome experience in my life, especially during christmas time, I usually surrounded by people who I loved. 

I still remember the day when the weather is really nice, no rain all day! 8.45 AM I left my hostel and followed the direction to the Golden Bridge by walk, is that crazy? Yup, it was crazy and super long walked. But this is the reason why #Ileftmyheartin San Francisco. I put my earphone, play my favorite song and singing on the street like there's no time to complaint about the shitty life. Along the way up to the bridge, I stopped a couple time at so many good places, like shopping area on market street and fillmore, visited the neighborhood of Painted Lady, Golden Gate Park Lombard Street, The pier 33 and the best thing is watch this beautiful sunset from the Battery Park, Sausalito. 

Beautifully SUNSET


at the park


Love the neighborhood and houses is very unique

The Capital hall

Palace of find art. it was pouring but still gorgeous!

Lombard Street

Cozy lobby of Adelaide hostel
I found myself more responsible when I solo travel and it's inevitable that I will discover how capable I am. When I sat down on the top of battery park, watch the sunset down and feel the wind blowing through my beanie its really something, especially when I close my eyes. The sun still bright till 5.30 pm and I pull my notes from my satchel. I write it down all vision that just cross my mind for 2016 and I realized how lucky I am that I can go this far beyond my expectation. 

San Francisco welcoming me just like home. If people ask me which city do I wanna live in the States, SF in one of the choices, despite the living cost is high but I think that's the price in the big city. Otherwise, People are nice and I have a good time on Christmas eve. Having dinner with bunch of traveler from around the globe at Indian restaurant - Irish Pub called Kennedy's on Columbus avenue and well end up with dancing on the floor at Castro with new friends without feeling scared. Both of the area is really recommended if you're looking for good pub/bars/dance club. Looking for morning breakfast instead of some bread from the hostel? I choose beanstalk cafe for Toast Cup ( a slice toast, egg and bacon) plus cup of homemade latte. The place was a bit small but it's no nice and homey. I've been for my morning breakfast on Christmas day before I leave this beautiful city.

Toast cup+latte at Beanstalk Cafe
Chicken noodle soup

Left: The Fog City homemade soup! good for hangover LOL Right: Braised beef from legendary Yuet Lee at chinatown

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Still thinking where you left your heart in? If you need more inspiration, check out GetYourGuide.com and #Ileftmyheartin campaign here! write your own story and be inspire for anyone. Good luck Traveler XOXO

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