Sunday, February 21, 2016

As we know that Lunar New Year celebrations always ended with a big festival called Cap Go Meh as the peak. Sunday (21/02) Glodok, as a Capital’s Chinatown and melting pot of many ethnicities were celebrated it with so many culture, rituals and various performances.

Koko Cici Jakarta as an Chinese Cultural Tourism Ambassador also participated at Cap Go Meh festival 2016. The festival started around 14.00pm with music performance from Koko Cici Jakarta as the opening whose sing a beautiful song with deep message for Indonesia, followed by singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya and unfurled flags, Chinese lion dance, Barongsai, Tanjidor - Betawi musical ensembles, Ondel-ondel, Marching Band and many performances, ended with the Carnaval around one kilometer. Not just performances, the festival itself has so many delicate traditional Indonesian and Chinese food that you need to try, if you missed the event today, don’t worry because you will always find it if you explore Chinatown area a.k.a Petak Sembilan Glodok.
Music Performance by Koko Cici Jakarta

Dance Performance by Koko Cici Jakarta
In my opinion as a young active netizen, these celebrations is very rare in Jakarta, because it usually held in Pontianak and Singkawang, West Kalimantan as the biggest Cap Go Meh festival. But today, Cap Go Meh Festival bring ton of joy for Chinese - Indonesians and hundreds people whose gathered to celebrate it in Jakarta. As you see on the picture below, the vibe is very incredible, I can’t even believe it and people are very excited for the festival, even though the weather is very hot but they are still waiting until the end of the Carnaval. I hope this festival become an annual event.

The Crowds!

Car parade

On top of that, as the next generations who need to maintain the heritage of Chinese culture and part of Koko Cici Jakarta, we were so happy to participate and share the love, happiness and joy at the Carnaval today as you seen on the picture. Koko Cici Jakarta invite you to join with us! Prepare your self and be the next Koko Cici Jakarta 2016 for this season! For more information, you can visit or follow on Instagram @KociJakarta. 

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