Monday, February 29, 2016

Finally, after couple months waiting for this super delicious homemade kimchi by KimchiLand, I felt satisfy especially my tummy since I’ve been craving for Korean dish after I got back from the States.. These are 3 reasons why I loved their Kimchi!

 As we know that original kimchi usually taste sour and not even spicy, but KimchiLand did a good job by making this kimchi with Indonesian taste which is most of us like spicy food instead of sour. don’t you agree with me? ;) Definitely good when you eat with warm rice and some meat for your daily and it also healthy.

Now you can customize your spicy level with the sauces - make it original, medium spicy or super spicy! Mine was super spicy sauce, you can tell by looking at the picture, it’s so red! I like spicy food and it’s perfect like what I wanted. 

Note: No filter and edited on the photos.

My curiosity has answered why I need to wait that long like a couple weeks before they hand it to me. So, they only make kimchi when they open PO (pre-oder) until 5kg, can you imagine how much is that. Yeah, it’s because PO, they want to deliver their kimchi really fresh to you because they made it without preservatives, also they maintain the quality of vegetables and ingredients so you can keep it on the fridge about 1 month and if you take a look closer, the leaf still good just like the first time you received. That’s what happened to me ;)

For more info and PO, you can directly contact @KIMCHILANDD on Instagram! #HAPPYTUMMY

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