Thursday, March 10, 2016

A couple days ago, me and some friends decided to go to Puncak spontaneously. There's no plan, and the idea was came out in the morning, then we discuss for our accommodation right away and voila everything just settle in a next couple minute. This what I love being friends with them, less drama and just go. As we know that Jakarta is always packed daily, so I think I need a little and short escape from the city. Wake up in the morning with fresh air to clear up my mind, relax by the pool, sitting at the balcony with my book and enjoy all my favorite dish around this area.

Novus Giri Resort and Spa was surprised me with their services and rooms. Actually, I never know that there is a resort or hotel like this in Puncak area just like in BALI as you seen on the picture above. Located in Cipanas, Novus Giri stolen my heart and I highly recommended this resort if you are looking somewhere quite with beautiful view like valley or something for short and sweet escape. Are you newly wed or family with two? You're on the right path, here's the reason why:

This is why I called "Puncak Rasa BALI", if you choose private villa, then you will get your own thing a.k.a your private pool on your balcony with hot water all times, gorgeous view, beautiful room with unique design and very natural. You can also choose superior, deluxe or  suite room with valley, garden or pool view. The price is different by the season and room facility, started from IDR 2 mio - 5 mio. Also they do have a regular room and it's such quit big enough with balcony and view, the price is very affordable. let me take you touring and look closer inside the resort and what they offer. See all the pictures below.

Your Private pool!

Regular room with twin beds

Villa room

Your daily track

The view

Lobby lounge

Main Pool

Big enough

sweet little corner

Pool Lounge

This one is very cute, they have  rabbit village! No worries if your kids getting bored, just take them here and play with rabbit, also they have flying fox and herb garden which was you can also teach your children to learn and gain some acknowledge about natural thing.

Enjoy your day and relaxing your body at their spa with lovely view is a good choices. They have several room for body massage or just reflexology with jacuzzi! sound perfect isn't it.
Pic by Novus Giri for spa
Pic by Novus Giri for reflexology

For more info you a direct check their available rooms HERE. Happy Holiday pals. 

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