Monday, May 09, 2016

Let’s talk about local goodness celebration! I’ve been invited to their celebration with some foodies and media to be a witness that Indonesian dessert can be something special in the right hand. This place is not just a coffee shop.

Locarasa come up with a unique concept - a super comfy place to enjoy Gelato, Coffee and Cookies with authentic Indonesian flavours. What a life! Yeah.. all the dishes from Locarasa is using our local ingredient - From farm to table - that’s what I like from Locarasa. They don’t just a business, but they helping our farm and educated  them how maintain the quality and selling their product like coffee and else with the commercial industry. It’s the way they appreciate the handwork from our farm.

Im not gelato fan boy, but locarasa served a new and the only one gelato with Indonesian taste and I liked it! They had so many flavours but I only highlight what I really loved.

  • Gelato Klepon - as we know it’s “kue klepon" with brown sugar inside and surprisingly the taste it’s the same with the real one. 
  • Another my favourite is Gelato RUJAK flavours, WHAT? yeah there is rujak flavour in gelato. The taste is not weird at all, you can feel the peanuts sauce with chilli inside, is not that spicy as the real rujak. It’s just fresh.
  • Gelato STMJ (Susu Telor Madu Jahe) if you never have the real STMJ, then it will be hard to compare with this gelato. But what I can tell is the flavours is good, they are the same. I can felt the sweet honey and ginger at the same time.

The rest of it, you can enjoy Gelato vanilla flores, Martabak manis, es doger, alpukat Garut, tamarillo Medan, coklat kenari Jailolo and so many things inspired from Indonesian cuisine.
All the gelato is really affordable, it’s only 20-27K and you can mixed with some flavour that you like.

What else that they offers? Also you can enjoy the local coffee from so many city in Indonesia and enjoy the cookies with Indonesian taste like cookies Rendang (as we know Rendang is the best cuisine) and it was good. Another my favourite is “SAMBEL ROA” yeah since I love the spicy sauce, they sambel roa is really good and satisfy my tummy.

Love to visit and enjoy gelato? here

LOCARASA - Plaza Kemang 88
Jl. Raya Kemang no 88 Jakarta Selatan

Open daily Sunday - Thursday 08AM - 24.00PM Wib
Friday & Saturday only 08 AM - 02 AM Wib
Instagram @Locarasa
Twitter: @Locarasa_ID
Facebook: Locarasa
phone: +62 21 79191808

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