Friday, September 27, 2013

Sakhoo Sai Moo

This is my second menu with The Oriental Thai Cooking School - Sakhoo Sai Moo. Tapioca Balls is one of our appetizer before we learned another recipes. It was really yummy and you can also try this Tapioca Balls and used the recipes from the mandarin oriental Bangkok. The taste is savory with fried garlic at the top and delicious with pork filled inside, can you imagine how it feels if i filled the tapioca balls with grilled pork. well, it time for you to cook, you can choose and filling the balls with anything you likes such as a chicken or seafood! How to make it? it easy, you can following this step by step.. enjoy :)


12    grams   (1 tablespoon)       soybean oil
20    grams   (2 tablespoons)     garlic, finely chopped
5      grams   (1 tablespoon)       coriander roots, finely chopped
50    grams   (½ cup)                 minced Pork
30    grams   ( ¼ cup)                onion, coarsely chopped
50    grams   ( ½ cup)                salted daikon
10    grams   (1 tablespoon)      fish sauce
40    grams   (3 tablespoon)      palm sugar
30    grams   ( ¼ cup)               ground roasted peanuts
2      grams   (1 teaspoon)         ground white pepper
100 grams    (1 cup)                  tapioca pearls, rinsed and drained
100 grams    ( ½ cup)                hot water
10   grams    (2 tablespoons)     crips fried garlic
As needed                                  lettuce, coriander and bird’s eye chillies

1.       Heat the oil in a wok then sauce the garlic and coriander roots. Add the pork and keep stirring to break any lump, then add the onion To cook until soft.

2.       Add salted daikon and flavor with fish sauce and palm sugar. Keep stir-frying until fairly dry, then add the peanuts and white pepper. Remove from the heat and let cool.

3.       Rinse the tapioca pearls through a stainer. Transfer to a mixing bowl and gradually add hot water. Stir well with a wooden spatula then keep wrapped so that it won’t dry out.

4.       Form the tapioca dough from above into a ball of 1 ½ inches in diameter and flatten it. Place a rounded teaspoons of the filling mixture in the centre. Gather edges to form a ball again. Repeat until all the dough is used up.

5.       Poach the tapioca balls in hot water for about 2-3 minutes. Remove  from the heat. Sprinkle with crips fried garlic and serve with lettuce, coriander and bird’s eye chillies.

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