Friday, August 01, 2014

If you're Indonesian, I believe that you know this simply and heritage recipes from our childhood memories. I found this recipes when I was in elementary school, some of my friends teach me how to cook this. And, if you're not Indonesian, this is your time and I challenge you to cook the recipes whenever you feel hungry and don't have any idea for your daily meal. I promise it was GOOD.

Yess, they called it "Indomie Pizza" or "Pizza Noddle" you named it. For me, this is not my main course, it's only light snack that you can have it whenever you feel bored or you wanna eat something without feel quilty yet too much, lol. And also, we always made this when we did our homework together, we cook together and put any kind of our fav ingredients, we try to mix it with the different seasoning everytime we made this. It was satisfy us, because on that time we can't cook and as a student, we don't always have enough money, HAHA. Whose with me and has the same experienced? Lol.  

So, Why I post this? First, I miss all kind of food from my hometown, which are all Indonesian food and my fav spot everyday. Second, I realized that not all Indonesian know about Indomie Pizza, especially for people who was born before 1980, no offense (big griin), because I teach them before, my brother and sister, my ex big boss and some people older than me. Third, I LOVE THIS. Fourth, you don't have to be a chef to cook this, even if you can't cook anything just hot water, you still can make this. Here's the simply recipes from me, I hope you can create your own with your fav seasoning and enjoy it oke. Good Luck.

-  1 pack Noodle (Indonesian Noodle, I used to Mie Goreng, click here for the image, or if you wanna try with any flavour, you can change with any kind of Indonesian Noodle flavour, there are the best rather than used any other noodle, no offense but I've tried it before).
-  2 pcs eggs
- 3 tablespoon of Cheese cheddar
- 3-5 pcs chilli (for extra spicy only)

- Heat the water to the boil, then cooked the noodle. 
- Pour all of the noodle ingredients into a bowl, add some cheese, chilli and eggs. Mixed well until evenly.
- Mix the cooked noodle with seasoning which has been mixed.
- Heat a frying pan with butter, it will more juicy , then fry the noodle which has been spiced up until well done. 
- Enjoy your food

Total Time: 10 minutes
Prep: 2 minutes
Cook: 8 minutes
Level: Easy
Serve: 1 - 2 person

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