Saturday, August 23, 2014

How do you create your own happiness? I believe that there are so many ways to create our own happiness rather than just waiting for a good thing happen. For me, one of the best way to fill my happiness is cook, lately. Sometimes I did it for my daily meal, because no one can't make it so I have to create my own thing and the other reason I just need to have fun and mess up my kitchen, but the important thing that I'm still focus for the quality instead of having fun. 

Anyway Japanese food is one of my favorite too, especially for sushi, then after weeks goes by and craving for sushi, I tried to create my own sushi and finally did. I Called it Rainbow Roll and Crispy Crab sushi. is it simple? Yess. All you need to do just practice how to roll better. Here's the recipes you need.

- 540 grams of sushi rice / short grain (2 1/2 cups). 
- 2 cups of vinegar to make the cooked rice into a sticky 
- Fresh Salmon / Smoke Salmon 
- Fresh Tuna 
- Crab Stick 
- Avocado 
- Nori / Seaweed 
- Sesame Seed 
- Cucumber 
- Carrots 
- Ginger
- Wasabi

Sauce necessary 
- Soy Sauce 
- Spicy mayonnaise 
- Eel Sauce / Japanese bbq sauce (a kind of sweet soy sauce)
- Fried Onion 

How to Make your own sushi 
- Put some rice on top of nori until evenly, then add a little sesame seed. 
- Put the crab stick and vegetables that want to put in sushi 
- Then gradually the sushi roll until evenly 
- Add the pieces of salmon or tuna on top, then cover with wax paper to make it easier when you cut the sushi. 
- Pieces of sushi is usually divided into 8 pcs for 1 roll. The last add the mayonnaise and eel sauce on top according to the creations. 
- Sushi ready to be served with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger.

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