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Keraton at The Plaza, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Jakarta is prominently situated near to Jakarta’s most famous roundabout and is the gateway for visitors wanting an outstanding hotel in Jakarta. Keraton at The Plaza, is perfectly poised in the downtown business district, at the city’s most prestigious address, Jalan Thamrin. You can easily find this Jakarta’s best sites within walking distance from this luxury Jakarta hotel, including the iconic city landmark statue Selamat Datang, government offices, key cultural attractions, museums, and vibrant nightlife. Additionally the hotel is connected to Jakarta’s most luxurious shopping and entertainment complex, Plaza Indonesia. And here I will share to you what a great night I spent with this winner certificate of Excellence hotel in Jakarta (well, cheers for Keraton that has won two times in a row for 2013 and 2014 excellence certificate from Trip Advisor).

courtesy by Keraton at The Plaza

Tacos and Tequila pairing menu from Bengawan is the theme during the month of September. Hail yeah to September Ceria! Keraton and their excellence team offered us a specially curated Taco and Tequila regarding to Mexican Independence Day on 16 September. Let me share to you 5 reasons why I had so much fun during that night.

1) Tacos and Tequila, oh yeah!
There are five different types of Taco that we tried that night. They served completely with soft tortillas and three sauces. My favorite was the first one that came to my table: Taco De Pescado. It was fried crunchy snapper fish in a tequila butter, served with chipotle mayo and green cabbage. The mayo bring out the balance of all ingredients, it just felt so good in my mouth, I loved it!

Taco De Pescado (fish)

The second one was Taco De Res, soft tortilla with Carne Asada with roasted guajillo salsa. The beef was cooked perfectly and soft, but it just didn’t suit me well, probably because I’ve tasted the previous one with mayo so I was expected to had something with mayo again. Of course, every tongue has different level of taste. *wink*

Taco De Res (beef)

Only two minutes after we finished that second one, here comes another, the third: Taco De Camaron. No, there is no connection between this food with Cameron Diaz. This one using fresh shrimp Al Mojo de Ajo (scampi), served with chipotle aioli. The fact that I also noticed during the dinner was each taco complemented with vegetables, be it tomatoes or red cabbage. It was definitely one healthy and tasty dinner for sure!

Taco De Camaron (shrimp)

And the surprise keep coming, this one especially for you guys who love to enjoy vegetarian food. Taco De Vegetales, served with black beans, grilled summer squash with guacamole cured red onions and feta cheese. Well, what can I say? The composition were great, but again, maybe not my cup of tea though. I usually crave for something with sour, sweet, or a bit spicy food, and this particular taco gave me healthy ingredients and it’s kind of plain for me.

Taco De Vegetales (black beans)

The last one was still a part of Taco De Pollo, served with chicken and chipotle. There's a slice of avocado at the top of it and being different with the other four, this time we can enjoy it with corn flour. It was a bit thick, and we'd almost full so I decided not to take it all, just the chicken. Because hey, I gotta spare some room for desserts! Yosua (which has become a really good host during the night) told us that we're going to have two desserts. So, yeah!

Taco De Pollo (chicken)

2) Desserts!
There are two desserts for each one of us, I couldn’t be more happier than that! Churros and Chocolate Vlan! Have I told you how much I liked Churros? Churreria is one of my favorite place to find this little crunchy Mexican snack. Three creams served: vanilla, mango cream, and caramel! Hat off for the caramel, I loved that one! I feel like I can licked those caramel for the entire of my life (okay, it’s too dramatic).

Churros with three creams

Chocolate Vlan

3) Breathtaking Views Outside
While we were waiting for another diners, me and some food bloggers decided to take some walk outside. The view was gorgeous with the pool and city light during the night. I can feel the breeze fresh air and realize how I want a holiday, soon.


4) Super-friendly Mexican Chef Lamberto Valdez
And something funny happened when I tried to ask the name of their Chef. It’s Chef Lamberto Valdez! Which I happened to write about his biography but it didn’t finished the way it should be. I just happy to finally can see him in person. He is a generous, humble and a kind person. There was one moment when he was so excited about the names of all Mexican food. He describe it all but we seems not recognized those names. He said, “Okay, I will write the names for you guys, don’t worry.” and yes he keep his word!

Chef Lamberto Valdez.JPG
Chef Lamberto Valdez

The handwriting of Chef Lamberto, thanks Chef!

5) Happy Independence Day, Mexico!

Last but not least. You can feel these awesome dining experience during Mexican Independence Day on September at Keraton, The Plaza only 190,000 IDR net per person at Bengawan. -Ms. Journal-

Keraton at The Plaza, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Jakarta
Ph: 62-21 5068 000 ext.1340

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