Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nothing can't stop capricorn if they're willing something that makes them happy, they will find a way how to get it even thou they need to wait for longer times, they'll fight and get it! Yess, That's one of the fact about capricorn (read; Me)

These rules is not only obtain to pursue my dream, more than that, it could be valid for a simply things that makes me happy, like food! You know what I mean :)

So, our recipes this week its really easy bitsy and simply as well. This is one of my fav food and also I convinced that there's a lots of Indonesian, even foreigner liked it! Cause the taste is really savory, tasteful and tempting even thou just look at them, Oh I'm in love with "Perkedel" 

In Indonesian, it called "Perkedel", what is that? its a hash brown mixed with corned beef and then you fried it till looks good. Sound easy and chessy recipes, don't you think? Nope, I bet you will be sorry if you think like what I did before, until you really make it, and you know how good you are on it. Cause there are some step that you have to follow and it takes an hour to make it, and you need to be so indulgent on the processing.

I really appreciate people who can make scrumptious Perkedel. So, here's the recipes that I can share, hopefully you make as good more than me so I can try it, Lol. If it doesn't look good on your screen, please forgive me but don't judge before you try it. Lol. Gudluck friends :)

- 2 lbs potatoes. 
- 1 can corned beef (any brand) 
- 4 cloves shallots, sliced thinly first
- 4 pcs clove onion, sliced thinly first
- Salt, pepper and chilli to taste.
- Oil / margarine
- Olive oil

How to Make?

1. peeled the potatoes skin, and wash up clean.
2. Cut the potatoes into a dice or waves as you want. 
3. Fried potatoes into boiling oil until half cooked.
4. Fried the shallots and cloves onion together till smells good.

5. Place the cooked potatoes into a bowl, then mash till smooth with a fork.
6. Add the shallots, cloves, chilli, salt, pepper and also the corned beef. 
7. Mix well.

8. Take a seasoned potato dough in your hand, shape it into flattened. Do not make it too big, cause it takes too long when you frying.
9. Fried yit till turn brown and smell good.
10. Served with Chilli Garlic

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