Friday, December 05, 2014

EAT IN HARMONY! Yup, life is more interesting when you mixed it up a little. Spicy & Sweet, Hot & Cold, just like TAKOREA tagline and I couldn't agree more. 

Find a Korean food and Mexican is easy in United State, because they're everywhere, even in the groceries store, you still can find it. But, looking for the perfect one and always remember in our mind and heart, TAKOREA is a choice that you must try! A bowl of Build - A - Bop with fresh banchans is one of the local dish from Seoul that you might love (it's bibimbap) with red sauces on the top as the main ingredients. For me, this bowl is awesome, their meat are so tender and all the side dishes that I choose like seared mushroom, cucumber kimchi, ccc (cucumber, chayote, carrot) also marinated zuchini are fresh in my mouth! Second choice as my favorite dish is Takos with pan seared tilapia fish! Take a look at the pictures below and tell me if you feel the same way! Ha.. Bon Appetite..

So, This is what happen when you eat at Mexican mix with Korean restaurant, CHIC style! That's what I feel when I step in into TAKOREA a couple weeks ago for my friend farewell luncheon before he fly back to Germany. This fussion restaurant not just served a good food like I mention earlier, more than that, their place are so warm and the decorate it's pretty chic, as you can see all the colours on the wall are mostly define the Mexican style. Located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, GA, Takorea is easy to find, even if you don't have a car and must to use train, you can stop at Midtown st and walk about 10 minutes. Another surprise for me, they had two bar, one at the first floor and another one is private space for any kind of event for 40-50 person, big enough and cool! The price is also affordable. Let my pictures tell you everything about this place and you gonna love it, don't judge this place by the cover of the front, you need to look deep inside! 

Private ground floor space

Bar at ground floor

Taraaaa... that's the humble Korean house style!

If you need more detail, please visit their website www.mytakorea.com to make a reservation.

818 Juniper Street, Atlanta, GA 30308
ph. 404.532.1944
hours: M-Thrus 11:30am - 10pm, Fri & Sat 11:30am-11pm, Sun 12.00am - 10pm
Price: $$

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