Wednesday, December 03, 2014

We have only one month to finish the book of 2014, let's make the last chapter a perfect one! Yup, say hello to December. Are you ready for Christmas and New Year holiday? Me, I'm so ready to write some new stories that I'll never forget during my next winter trip in United States, so excited and hopefully I can make daily post from my trip. *fingercross.. 

So, in a couple weeks, you might see a lot of travel stories either from me or my friends that will contribute some of their travel journey and I'm so welcome if you want to contribute your travel stories but I'll curated and edit it first. As we know that some of country in the world are expensive, but it doesn't mean that you can't be there, YOU ALWAYS BE AND CAN! IF THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY because every problem has a solution. Please keep bear in mind, if you ready for traveling, it means that you have budget to afford it. HOW? Let me share with you my experience and make it short:

Which one do you prefer and comfort for your journey, go ahead! If you can afford your living expenses with luggage tag but travelling with backpack is also nice because you can save a hundred dollar for luggage check in. For me, I can do both and the most important thing is I still can be stylish even with backpack! hoho.

I bring backpack and my mate bring luggage when we were in China

YOU CAN REDUCE your living cost without any regret. Budget-ing is the key! If you know which country that you'll visit, start make your budget from A-Z with $300-$500. It will help you to know better how much money that you'll spend and take out which one is not really important. The more you pratice the more you know the key. 

I don't believe with a travel book that always said you can travel in outside country only with 2 Mio for a few days. Be realistic and don't be foolish! Even the promo tickets for domestic still needed at least 1 mio and half for round-trip, or maybe yess, you can do that IF someone pay for your tickets! 

What do you need to do?

1. ALERT with promo airlines, daily browsing and buy the ticket months before.
Tips; try to searching at 1 am, they will show you the cheapest price sometimes.

2. Back to Budget-ing! Example, like what I did, all my tickets for my winter trip only $400 for 6 times flying from Atlanta - Denver - Utah - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - Chicago and Atlanta! Can I get more cheaper than that? No. I tried to checking again one week after I bought all the tickets and they're twice expensive!

You can always reduce your budget hostel or hotel. HOW? use that's a community travel website from all over the world, so whereever you go, you'll always find a place to stay for FREE and other benefits, you have a new friend from another country. Is it safe? Yess, it is. I use couchsurfing  couple times and it was FUN.
Me, my host from couchsurfing beside me and some Cs'ers

You've got a new friends with
For me, as a traveller, local food is the priority, the rest like fancy spot is a bonus if you still have more budget! Try to make a budget for daily meal like you always did in your daily activity such as $20-$30 a day, that's would be enough. You can see the picture below, either street food or fancy spot, both are so damn yummy, isn't it?

In every country, whereever it is, I believe taxi fare is much expensive than buses or train! So, use taxi in some countries for emergency only, like when I was arrived in Japan at midnight, all the train and buses are off, so I need to take a cab to my hotel and paid for Y9000 or it's the same with $100. Other than that, train and buses are quite comfort, nice and more faster either.

One of the benefit if you use Buses or Train, SELFIE TIME! LOL

I think I've already breakdown all you need to do, isn't it? or there is something missing? For me, the most important thing before you travelling is; your TRAVEL-MATE!! Who you are travelling with will give you big impact for your budget and experiences. So, be wise with your travel-mate. For me, I don't like travelling with people that always complain and mumbling during the journey, other than that, please NO DRAMA before or after travelling!

I think that's enough for the tips, hopefully it will help you to open your mind and be wise while prepare your plan. Good Luck for your trip! see ya..

P.S: Avoid to buy a lot of souvenirs, it will make you overbudget or you can separate $100 to buy some merchandise for your friend or ask them to give you some money. LOL. Oh, it's about our culture.. That's okey..

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