Monday, November 24, 2014

Hey, sup guys?! This is gonna be my random post, it's not OOTD nor FOTD (food of the day :D). It's just something simple that I love to do daily. Wherever I going somewhere, I've always took lot of random pictures and share with my friends in my social media account, of course. So, I would love to talking about seasons?! Yess, from 4 seasons, which season do you really like the most? Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? For me, I love all the seasons since I moved here, because I feel like time flies so fast every 4 months, you need to face a different season and all of them have their own uniqueness, isn't it? Meanwhile, whem I used to live in my beloved capital city of Indonesia, which is Jakarta. I thought we only have two seasons, either Hot and Wet season (aka Banjir, LOL) am I right?. But no matter what it is, I'm still in love with my city, because they teached me lot of things in life since I was born and raised there. I learned how to survive in the capital of the most ruthless with craziest traffic everyday, but one things for sure that you guys should know! IF you can survive in Jakarta you will survive wherever God put you. Second, IF you can drive as well like the public transportation driver did (aka supir angkot), so you can drive as well in New York City, in my opinion okay! So, please don't hate me, I'm just kidding.

Back to the seasons of love! No, I mean seasons of the weather. Here, Fall is almost gone, let's say hello to early winter because the weather changed so extremely and unusual these days! So, before all the beauty from Autumn season was disappear, I've tried to capture the beauty moments and view of Autumn around my campus that I pass everyday. Hopefully it was good such as the google screen wallpaper or calender. Check it out and feel free to share your comment if you willing to do it.

Ooopss.. I forget, there are some of my weird pic as well, it's not actually my idea, it's my friends idea to took my picture like this, just like The fault in our star movie cover, but I think I'm failed and he's not really serious took my pictures, but I like and appreciate it. Anyway, all the pictures taken only with my Iphone only and of course a bit editing is a must.. LOL. See ya and GoodLuck ;)  

WHICH ONE IS GOOD, WITH OR WITHOUT ME? This pic was taken in the different time and a couple days, one without me was taken in the morning around 7am and it was still foggy actually. The other one after 2 days later around 4pm but I used a different editing colours, so which one you like? hehehe

OOTD? My style is not ready yet. huh

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