Saturday, November 08, 2014

Well, on my first trip to Nashville, Tennessee, for weekend getaway a couple weeks ago. I found my self dying because of the spicy sauce from Hattie B's Hot Chicken! It was so embarrasing me because as a spicy lovers (you named it) I really love it and can't eat without chilli on my plate, some of my friends know about it, and I'm so proud. LOL. So, after 3 and half hours driving, me and some friends were so exhausted yet starved! A friend of mine told us for having lunch at the famous hot chicken Hattie B's, at that time, because we don't have any plan and don't know what to eat, so we tried it!

It's saturday and almost 2'oclock, the weather is so hot and burned our skin. we wait almost 45 minutes outside to get in and got tanned, I think. Then after we can get in inside and make an order, we need to wait another 15 minutes to get the table and our food. Oh holly God, I feel like i'm so full and lost of my appetite. But, I don't want to surrendeur so easily, after spend 60 minutes waiting, finally our food are on the table! I think they need a bigger space for weekends, just my opinion.

I love their logo
For me, honestly, nothing special, it's just a fried chicken with the secret recipes of hot sauce and they're so famous. But since I loved fried chicken so much especially the crispy skin, so I wonder they have something different on it. YEAHHH... The sauce that I choose is actually like HELL for damn hot heat level, meanwhile I just realized they have the highest level, that's actually I wanna try. So, how many heat level do they have?

1. SOUTHERN - No heat at all
2. MILD - Touch of burn
3. HOT! feel the heat
4. DAMN HOT! fire starter
5. SHUT THE CLUCK UP!! Burn notice

Anyway, I've ordered damn hot large white chicken breast & wing with mac & cheese also fries as my sides and it always come with bread and pickles on it. Here they are, don't judge the book by the cover, it doesn't looks like good and yummy because its really burn with the hot sauce isn't it? or because I didn't took the best picture and angle like usual, forgive me cause i'm so starving.

HOW THE TASTE? Actually the meat was so tender and juicy, its tottaly different and especially for the sauce, its really burn your tounge and noise at the first bite, just like you eat one slice of the meat with 5-6 Thai chilli green (aka cabe rawit) but actually is was DAMN GOOD if you can handle and keep continue until you can finish it!

WHAT HAPPENED after that? after 3 hours sightseeing the city, when I walked back to my friend place, my stomach was hurt so badly, really HURTS like the sauce squeeze my gut, I can't even stand up and walk. But, I know it wasn't because of them, maybe its because I haven't eat since morning and its been a long time I haven't eat spicy food like this, so I thought my stomach kinda shock and get colds, and it happen a couple time for me. But I have a secret that I wanted to share, some of you might already know.

Here's 5 tips & trick fro me to handle over spicy food.

1. Sip a hot water before and during you eat.
2. Eat banana pudding after that to neutralize spicy flavor.
3. Eat mint candy to remove the spicy flavor
4. Massage your shoulders and your stomach to remove colds, then take a rest for 20 minutes.
5. My secret after all, a traditional chinese medicine " SHA  YAO WAN" for healing your body after treating colds, flatualence, nause, headache and when your body feel hot and cold. 

My conclusion, the hot chicken was not that bad, it was great and good, After all, if you happen to be in Nashville or wherever, and they have kind of food like this, you know what to do. Its a good experience tho to taste a locals and famous food in every city or country, isn't it? for more info and details about this place, here's you can check it out. Good Luck

112 19th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203. 
Open Mon-Thr 11a-10p, Fri-Sat 11a-12a, Sun 11a-4p. 615-678-4794.

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