Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Good food, Good Friends, Good time 
on sunday morning at sky blue cafe! 

Yeaaa.. just like the name of this spotted brunch, the sky was so blue and clear at the time, is not windy at all, so the weather a bit hot but nice to start my day, also having good food with good friends. After a long discussion, fight, also debate with my friends (like street fighter, LOL) while we were starving because there are a lot of best spot for brunch in Nashville, Finally we choose Sky blue cafe because their place are so close with our host, the price are affordable, the food was awesome, the atmosphere and lot of interested point from this place. But, please keep bear in mind, every famous place in every city or country, they might have long line to wait on weekends, so be patient for having your fav dishes in this place.

Sky Blue cafe is located in the historic Edgefield neighborhood of East Nashville. The place was not really big but is was nice for having a small bussiness like this, that's what I wishing for in the future. A lovely place, good food and lot of loyal customers that might be enough, at least what I thought now. Anyway, that's one of the reasons why I love this place so much because the neighborhood was so nice, quite and calm. So, you can sit outside without noisy voice while you having your breakfast, sip a cup of your fav coffee from them with a nice decor and ambiance.

Trust me, they have lot of homemade good food that I wanted to try at that time, but unfortunately I can't eat that much! so, while my eyes keep looking on the menu, I found something interested, yea EM' BOWL! as they said, this one of the fav menu, it was totally right and awesome. I love the biscuit, it was so soft, the eggs, sausage and top with melted colby jack cheese! Really love my choices, and the most important: their services was so nice. How they look like? Here's what I've got and my friend ordered. And, I posted some of the ambiance of this place so you can take a look.

My EM'' BOWL was pretty big

Again, if you happen to be in Nashville for short trip or weekend gateaway, Sky Blue Cafe might be one of your choices for having breakfast, brunch and lunch. Trust me you won't miss it, but it depends on you, again. See ya.

700 Fatherland St, Nashville, TN 37206
Open: Daily 07 am till 4pm
ph: (615) 770-7097

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