Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I believe that Mexico is one of the beautiful country. Raise your hand if you agree with me. Just like Europe, Mexico is full of arts and unique traditions, and yes, Mexico is already on my wishlist trip. But, since I don't know when I'll go travel there, so I'm trying to find something with the same uniqueness and represent Mexico in Indonesia. I believe I can feel the spirit of Mexico in some of restaurants that I have visited, but I never satisfied about it, ‘till I found this MOTEL MEXICOLA in Bali. A recommended place to visit, chill out and to remember.

Motel Mexicola is the newest and hipe mexican bar and restaurant in Seminyak area. This place is so colorful yet quirky. When I was there, from the outside, Motel Mexicola looks a little bit small, but when I stepped inside, it was totally different, huge, and I really amaze with this place. It's too beautiful, colourful, lot of the details with different pattern on the wall and floor. They have four different area that you can choose while were you here, if you’re planning to drink a lot, squeeze yourself and head your toe to Taquria Bar which located in the next courtyard. You can pamper your eyes with all the gorgeous views from here, they are using booths and low tables. Second area, they have Dedi Privado, contemporary design with its wood communal table seating. Third, say hello to the Stadium Bar with bench seating so you can overlooking the courtyard. Last but not least, Ricky Ricardo on the right side, lot of dining and high tables. So which one will you choose? Still wondering and have no idea? Take your time and scroll down for the ambiance and food...

As we know that Mexican tapas is always tempting such like taco, empanadas and quesadillas, and yes the food here is also good and delicious like always. I really enjoy my time when I was there, that's why I called this is a place to remember because I really love it. So, if you have enough time during the vacation in Bali, don't forget to stop by even just for awhile. Enjoy the view and your relaxing day...




Kayujati Road No.9, Petingenger Beach, Seminyak
Bali, Indonesia 80361
Ph. +6231 736688

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  1. The colors are great! Hopefully can go there soon! Thank you for posting....

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