Friday, March 14, 2014

Shake Shack! Wait, before you make yourself hungry to imagine that burger, allow me to ask you: if you have a chance to travel and take a holiday to New York City, what will you do for the first time? Checked in on Path and other social media? Hehehe.. For me, absolutely I want to try every kind of hidden gem from the city that never sleeps, that's the first thing in my mind when I've just landed in this foreign country. I want to share my experience in all of the restaurant/cafe that I visited. 

I believe there are a lot of food that I can try while I stayed there. Well, as we know that American Burger is always being on top of the food list, so I really curious with that. Then my friend took me to New York Times Square area and we choose SHAKE SHACK Burger for my lunch. Guess what? This burger become my favorite food in a sudden, it's not because SHAKE SHACK brand are famous food for New Yorker, but because there are some things different when I ate it!

Anyway, SHAKE SHACK is one of the success brand, and the story also amazing. It started in 2001 sprouted with (only) a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, then turn to be a bigger and bigger until now, and they have so many outlets in New York, so it must be easy to find it.

Then, what makes the Shake Shack Burger is so well known?? Here's 4 things that really comes from my opinion..

1. Is not because the burger was BIG enough, but the combination inside is totally different. I wouldn't get the burger with beef and bacon in my country, that's totally awful. Besides, Shake Shack also give lots of cheese, even the paprika still with the seed, so it's very spicy with the most juicy double beef and bacon meat that I have tried. Can you see the delicious bacon inside? :D

2. The beef was heaven, the meat was totally well done and so mouth-watering inside your mouth on the first bite. And don't forget the cheese that melted slowly in your tongue. I just can't stop while ate it.

3. I love their french fries! It's so crunchy. 

4. The shake is totally crazy as well, one of the best chocolate and vanilla milkshake that I have tried. Just like its name, it was really shacking my tummy.

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