Friday, March 28, 2014

Pork bun! The name must be familiar for you who love to eat dim sum or Chinese bakeries. Shortly brief, pork bun also known as cha siu bao or char siu bao. It’s a Cantonese barbecue pork filled bun. The steamy bun with pork belly inside is a thing that easily tempted me in New York. I feel like I can eat this everyday.

Eventhough pork bun is one of signature dishes from Asia, but you shall have no worries with what they have in store for New Yorkers. They’re using chicken, beef or pork inside the sandwiches, but still with the same ingredients as you can drool yourself later on with the picture. Prepare to steam the bun before you enjoy it. So, without making you wait for more, here they are, 3 best places to eat the delicate pork bun in New York:

Toto Ramen is one of the top on my list to eat and enjoy this awesome pork belly. Presentation wise, as you can see it in this pictures. Now you get what I meant, right?

Another rising spot beside Toto Ramen, try to eat their sumptuous pork bun with the signature ramen. I bet it will blow your mind away..

If you don't like pork bun, then you can go to Ippudo ramen, they served chicken bun. The taste is awesome, crispy chicken meat inside covered with soft bun. It's really one of my delightful snack of that day! Now you can choose your favorite one and tell me which one win your belly?

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