Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kyoto is one of the warm city that you must visit if you're going to Japan, they've had a lots of temple with a different history also good food for foodies. One of them is Kibune, do you have any idea about kibune? me? I don't know either till one of my friends told me to visit here.

Kibune is a small town in a forested valley in the northern mountains of Kyoto City, which developed around kibune shrine. According to legend, a goddess traveled in a yellow boat (hence the name kibune) from Osaka all the way up the river into the mountains north of Kyoto, and Kibune Shrine was built at the site where her boat journey had come to an end. That's a lil bit glimpse about Kibune that I can shared with you. You need 2 hours from Kyoto City to Kibune, you need to take a train and connecting with a bus. But it's more than worth it to try.

My favorit spot at Kibune is Japanese restaurant alongside the river and they have real japanese food not a fussion and it's so pretty, but unfortunately not all of them have a river. So, you need to check first inside the restaurant and prices, but lemme make it simple to find the best one :).

All I remember about this place is the prices of the food, I don't even remember what is the name of this restaurant, but it's very easy to find, because the restaurant is in front of the gate Kibune Shrine. Well, the price range from 2,000Y (250.000 IDR / $25) till 5,000Y  for lunch/person, and you can't take a seat with your friends if you didn't order any kind of their menu. It's like the rule that everyone must have an order. But all I can said it's worth it after all for real japanese food not fussion with the perfect weather, enjoy the cool air and heard the sound of water flowing at the river. 

So what inside of the package and how the ambiance? I don't really remember the name of this delicious food, but mostly they served a fresh vegetable, salty fish, soft tofu and some egg roll, you named it. You can see the ambiance inside and outside the restaurant that I took with some fellas.

2,500 Y food package
2,000 Y food package


Kibune is connected with central Kyoto by Eizan Railway. The one way trip along the Eizan Kurama line from Demachi-Yanagi Station takes 30 minutes and cost 420 yen. Trains depart every 15-20 minutes. From kibune-guchi station, it is a further five minutes bus ride (160 yen one way, departures timed to the trains) or 20-30 minutes walk up the road to kibune shrine.

The fastest way to reach Demachi -Yanagi station from Kyoto Station is by taking the JR Nara Line to Tofukuji Station (120 yen), where you cantransfer for the Keihan Main Line to Demachi-Yanagi Station (270 yen). GoodLuck.

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  2. Hi,, kebeneran lagi cari info restoran di Kibune,,
    mau nanya, disana disediakan pork atau cuma seafood ya??

    1. Hi Novi, I'm not really sure, I believe some of them has pork as well but mostly seafood sih..