Monday, January 05, 2015

I believe that 2014 left a good memories for us, if there's a bad thing happened, let we buried it deep down in our subconscious, forget and forgive is the key to move on and walk into new path in 2015! I wish that all the happiness and good tidings, hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in your heart forever! Happy New Year 2015 to all of you, better late than never! yeaa... 

As for me 2014 is the most blessed year in my life! WHY? Eventhough I'm far away from my hometown, family, best friends and anything, but I feel so blessed because He sent me a bunch of wonderful people from all over the world come into my life, even just for one day but they left a good moment in my heart and I'm so grateful. So, let's keep our spirit for 2015.

Anyway, I've just came back from my exhausted trip in 3 weeks! so, I'll post a lot of travels stories this month more than foodporn. First stop, Denver-Colorado! Actually Denver will be more beautiful during summer or spring, but since I came here on winter, is not really bad tho because I've got experience the real winter more than just staying on east!

There's some several question that pop up into me since I was in Denver, so I'll try to answer with shortly and hopefully it help you guys for the next trip. Here it is:

Q: Why do you choose Denver? 
A: For the first time Idk, just following my travel mate, actually we combined out travel list before we decided to go together on this trip and denver is not on my list, but since I've been there, I think I love Denver because the nature, it's so beautiful and pretty if you love nature, hiking and outdoor thing, Colorado is on your list!

Q: How long do we need to stay?
A: I've spent 3 nights in Denver, I think its enough if you wanna visit Denver next winter. If you come on summer, maybe 4-5 nights it would be more fun, so you have a lot of time to explore all the mountains in Denver.

Q: Where to go in Denver?
A: On my first day, I've come here around 5pm and its already dark just like 7/8pm, so, I've grab some dinner at Qdoba (the mexican grill and I like it) then just strolling around the downtown. First stop, I went to City & County building of Denver and it was so pretty yet amazing! 2nd stop; Union Station is a must to go! They just opened around September last year, it's kind of hotel but their concept is different from any other hotel that I visited, they make the lobby like waiting room on the train station, a terminal bar, some shopping store, cafe and many thing, so If you stay at Union Station Hotel, it would be awesome! Let's my pictures tell you everything, and all the pictures are #NoFilter lol



Oh, one of my wishlist if I come back again to Denver, I wanna spend at least one night on this heritage -The Oxford Hotel in Denver, I'm really fell in love since the first time I saw this hotel from outside, the window display pretty chic and awesome, as you seen in the picture below the lobby was incredible too with christmas decoration! Love it so much..

So, that's my first experienced that I can share to you guys from my day one trip in Denver. Nothing Much but next article will be more excited, Lol. Oh, I almost forget, there is a funny story. We rent a car for 3 days and it was so tiny, after we done with all these sightseeing, we were heading back to where we park our car. Then, when we walk down the street parking, we found out from 4-5 meter that our car is not there, my heart beat so fast like i'm just ride a superb roller coaster because all of my important stuff is in the car. But, how stuppid we are, once we get closer to the street parking, our car was hidden because there's big truck parked behind our car, so we can't see it from apart. Oh thanks GOD, our first day was shock yet FUN! let's see what happened for second day! see ya...

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