Saturday, January 31, 2015

There is some reason for me to fall in love with someone (absolutely, LOL) but I mean the nature, especially when I found and visited some places that I never been and pretty famous! As an outdoor person, starting now, lol. I have 5 reason why I fell in love with THE GARDEN OF THE GODS in Colorado Spring. I went there on my third day after visited Red Rocks Amphitheather then I left on the next day. 

What is the first word that come in your mind when you heard The Garden of the Gods? The first word that come up in my mind is will I find my soulmate here since I've been a single in a couple months? If there any tree of life like the bible said? #SuperbLOL. All of them are just a jokes okey. 

Anyway, THE GARDEN OF THE GODS red rock formations were created during a geological upheaval along a natural fault line millions of years ago. Archaeological evidence shows that prehistoric people visited Garden of the Gods about 1330 BC. At about 250 BC Native American people camped in the park. They are believed to have been attracted to wildlife and plant life in the area and used overhangs created by the rocks for shelter. There are many native peoples who have reported a connection to Garden of the Gods.

5 reason why I fall in love with it:

Besides enjoying the natural beauty of the garden of the gods, we can also learn the history of the creation of the rocks are very beautiful and interesting, like the bed of ancient sedimentary sandstone deep-red, pink and white, conglomerate and limestone are stored horizontally, but has now tilted vertically and blamed by a large mountain building forces caused by the removal of the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak massif. Following the Pleistocene Ice Age resulted in erosion and glaciation of stone, creating this rock formation. Evidence of the past can be read in stone. Ancient sea, the remnants of ancestral eroded mountain ranges, alluvial fan, sandy beaches and a large sand dune field.

The Garden of the Gods Park is a rich ecological resource. Retired biology professor Richard Beidleman notes that the park is "the most striking contrast between plains and mountains in North America" with respect to biology, geology, climate and scenery. Dinosaur speciesTheiophytalia kerri was found in the park, in 1878, and studies of the skull in 2006 reveal it to be a new species. A honey ant never before recorded was also discovered in 1879 and named for the park. Mule deerbighorn sheep and fox abound in this area. The park is also home to more than 130 species of birds including white-throated swiftsswallows and canyon wrens.

It's a good place to recreation, hiking, excersice on the trail or even just walk with your lovely dog. I do reconcile with my self when I walk down the trail when the sun shining on my face, I realized and Thank God for everything that I've done in my life, bad or worst, I keep Thank to Him and it's make me more relax to face another day with lots of obstacle. 

As I remember, it's been a long time I never used my pencils to make some sketch, I saw some people sit down under the sun and drew some beauty of nature even tho my sketch s not really perfect like a pro but that's one of my hobby if I have free time. 

With these amazing scenery, who's doesn't want to capture the moment when the views is more than just pretty. It's not because all of us are narssistic, but I believe that with capturing a moment through the photos, there are times where when we go through hard times and envied by others, we would be grateful for seeing the beauty of the world created by God. Anyone say AMEN?

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