Sunday, February 01, 2015

I've been sick a couple days ago! That was suck because I've got toothache, cold & fever, sore throat, and headache at the same time. I don't know what happened and how it became so complication for me, I can't even eat all delicious food like I used too. The only thing I can eat just soup or porridge/congee, because I really can't chew anything. So, I went to kroger (one of the groceries) and looking something soft for my daily meal and just found out this protein shake! Anyway, this is pure my opinion about this beverages, because I love it so much since then.

So, Here's 7 reasons why I love this protein shake better than another brand that I tried before:

1. NOT A  BORING FLAVOUR! For a healthy smoothies. they have a lot of flavours that you can't deny one of them and it's not only vegetables. As I remember they have more than 10 flavours, so it's gonnna be easy for you to pick which flavour you like. My choice and favorite goes to Chocolate, Vanilla Beans, Strawberry Banana, Mocha Capuccino, Green Goodness, Caramel Latte and Daily Roots for vegetable flavour. If you're a vegetarian, they had a lot of of choice of Vegetables flavour.

2. LOW FAT & DIET! If you are on diet or on going to shape your body on the gym, this would be a great choice after your excersice, so you don't have to bother yourself and cook something. Just shake it off!

3. They have 21 Vitamins & Minerals on it.

4. Improved your daily performance!

5. Easy to get and carry wherever you're going or travelling.

6. One of the best cure for your body after sick. That's what I feel and I keep drink it everyday, at least once in a day.

7. It's Gluten FREE!

Enjoy and shake it off! If you wanna know more about this product, you can visit their website on


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