Friday, February 20, 2015

No caption needed isn't it? This is amazing view so far on my fifth day travelling to west. I called this island one of heaven on earth because it's not just pretty for me and it doesn't have to be places like Paris because Paris is a tourist spot that everybody will go back and forth! This one is should be different, blend with nature and feeling perfectly in heaven while the wind blow, why not? at least that's my opinion. So, what is the name of this island?? 

ANTELOPE ISLAND - UTAH! Yep, this island called Antelope Island - is the largest island of 10 islands located within the Great Salt Lake, Utah, United States. Antelope Island has natural scenic beauty and holds populations of pronghorn, bighorn sheep, American bison, coyote, bobcat, and mullions of waterfowl. And, the bison were introduce to the island in 1893. can you imagine that?

When I was there, the bison is not dangerous at all, maybe I step far away and snap their picture on the car, but they were know and realized that I was took their pics from the car. How do I know? it easy, I can see from their nose and how they breathe become so fast and their face turn a little bit angry. so at that time I stopped capture their faces and move slowdown to the beach and another area. 

So, what we should do on this scenic beauty island?

1. Hiking it's pretty much popular, you can go to Buffalo point where mountains and hills overlook beaches as well as the reflecting waters of the Great Salt Lake and other islands that are visible in the lake. Am I hike on that day? Yep, most of this beautifully view I captured when I was on the top of the buffalo mountains.

2. Cycling on White Rock Bay. The beaches and white sand is so lovely, I sat a couple minutes to enjoy the view and the air, I'll post the beach in antoher post okay.

3. Camp! Yes, you can camp here and exploring the sunrise in the morning around the campsite ay the beach, lovely isn't it. I bet it's not just pretty as usual,

4. Enjoy a Ballon festival around labor day. That's what people said to me, unfontunately I was there on winter break, so hopefully I can go back to enjoy that festival like I'm in Turkey. LOL

Last but not least, please enjoy the view, the weather look nice, but the fact it was a little bit windy. 

See you when I see you Antelope Island

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