Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Our finger entwined, you touched my heart, 
you looked into my eyes and love took spark!

Entering end of wedding season in 2016. I've got so many invitations until end of this year and I do believe that they have a wonderful concept for their once-in-a-lifetime event. Living in the capital city makes it's a little bit challenging to plan an outdoor wedding since we don't have so many great outdoor spots (my opinion) and if we do, it would cause traffic jam everywhere and wouldn't be comfortable for our guest to park far away from the venue. 

I'm glad that I made it to one of my good friend's wedding last summer! Located at Bumi Sangkuriang Bandung, the ceremony went very well even though it rained two hours before the celebration and sometimes drizzled. The venue is very huge and chic filled with beautiful flowers decoration everywhere I step. From the entrance, gate, gazebo and I'm in love with these dance floor! very classy and romantic.

MEMORABLE! One word to describe this outdoor wedding idea. I don't even know who's the name of the crew but they did very good job with the decoration and so on. Here are some pictures from daylight to night for your outdoor wedding references.



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