Friday, April 28, 2017

Good Morning from GUTEN MORGEN! 
A new face of coffee shop in West Jakarta. Located at Tomang Raya, Gutten Morgen is ready to serve you everyday from 08:00 AM until 08:00 PM.

Every new coffee shop always have something to offer. Either because the coffee is really good or the ambiance. In my opinion, Guten Morgen Coffee offers both! I came here in the morning with my fellas on Saturday before I get off to work. There were only two customers right beside my table and it was so quiet.

From the outside we are welcomed with a huge "guten morgen" on the floor and they have this one table which I believe it’s on purpose to be the signature for people to take pictures - great lighting, table and floor = perfect! It’s just my thought anyway and I did it too. HAHA… and inside we found, of course, more tables and a friendly barista. to the back they have MIMSY Flower boutique and I fell so in love with it, it’s like dried and vintage flowers with the details.

We ordered cappuccino, hot chocolate, coffee cubes and a croissant for breakfast. Not long enough, our coffee and hot chocolate came quite fast so we can enjoy them, but unfortunately the croissant took a bit too long and I don’t have a chance to try the pork belly bowl because it was still early morning, I do understand because there is only one person who did everything. From the barista to cashier and other things. I just felt sorry for him because the next 30 minutes a group of adults came in. 

Absolutely I’ll be back for my second visit and try the pork belly. Well recommended with affordable price but the location is quite hard to find, especially if you’re not familiar with the area. even with the gps it's still quite difficult, but I found out that the access is easier from Halte busway Central Park Mall.  See you on the next post.

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