Sunday, July 02, 2017

I've been wondering for the past few days when most of my foodies friends posted about KING MANGO INDONESIA that was recently opened at NEO SOHO Mall. So many people asked me have I tried the drink yet? I said, No, I haven't. The reason is so simple because I'm not kind of person who likes to wait and waste my time in a very long queueing for something, unless is really worth to wait.

A couple days ago, I stopped by at Neo Soho for having lunch with bunch of friends and since I was curious about KING MANGO, I also visited KING MANGO and you know what, I can see clearly from afar the queuing is very long. I've heard till today (this posting) the queueing still going wild, you'll have to spend at least 1-2 hours or maybe 3 for having this super trendy drink! That's what I meant about queueing too long. Does it really worth to wait? 

I told my best friend about how cool NEO SOHO's traffic following this brand's opening. The day after, Voila! KING MANGO was on my table in the morning. Lucky me for the privileges to trying this KING MANGO without queueing! better yet, I don't even have to be in Neo Soho! Before I continue, I would like to thanks to all my CP team for delivering my team and I the most current hype drink.

A cup of KING MANGO is IDR 50K, which is fairly cheap considering the size of the cup. 12 King Mango served in front of me, I could die just by looking at 'em (lebay).  So, a cup of king mango is based with mango juice, which is fresh and tasted good. On the middle layer they put some cream on it, tasted like whip cream, but I don't like the cream because it makes you fill full easily and the last was a couple of dice mango on the top to satisfy your tongue.

Overall, the taste was good but somehow too sweet for me. Anyway I think 1 cup is shareable between two or more friends.

Jl. Letjen S. Parman
Tanjung Duren, Jakarta

IG @KingmangoIndonesia

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