Wednesday, August 29, 2018

As a newly opened cafe in neighbourhood, ONNI House has stolen Jakartan heart especially for women by serving a delightful and pretty dining concept with florist under one roof.

Aside from the university premises and malls, ONNI House has taken over as a new destination at the west bound. Because as we all know that going to Tanjung Duren area is pretty exhausting with the traffic, but if you're looking for the hype cafes in Jakarta nowadays, ONNI House Jakarta is one of the top list newly opened cafe that you should try.

The establishment is pretty modest from the outside and surrounded by private residences. The iconic flower-framed window along with the white bench has became an identity of ONNI House Jakarta. Stepping inside the setting, ONNI House Jakarta will pamper your eyes with beautiful flowers here and there. Also, you will find various of accessories and handmade gifts from the local retailer such as wooden tray, ceramics, notebooks, and I notice some of my favourite home fragrances like diffuser by Camani and candles by Kaminari.

ONNI House Jakarta is pretty spacious but the parking spot are limited. The food are various, you can do brunch with Indonesian or Western style and paired with dessert selections. Above all, ONNI House will give you a different dining experience at the west bound, but not to forget, you can also make flower arrangement for your special occasion with fresh or dried-flowers.

ONNI HOUSE JAKARTA Jl. Tanjung Duren Utara V No.242Ph. 22956116

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