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If you'are in the states and looking for short escapes around South Carolina, I think visiting Greenville for 48 hours is not that bad. The state of South Carolina has been ranked within the top 10 fastest growing states and economies by the U.S Commerce Department. So here's some thing to do in Greenville for 48 hours; what to do, where to go and what to eat in my version, I'll share my experience and hopefully it helping you guys.

A few weeks ago, I went to Greenville, South Carolina to spend a labor day weekend with bunch of people from couch surfing, mostly. It was really nice day and perfect short weekend for me, the weather is perfect to jump on the lake jocassee, cause the water is so clearly from what I've seen thru cs pictures, but unfortunately I skip to lake jocassee that day and we (me and my friend) just stroll around at main st area, chillin at the park, enjoy the fresh air when the wind blows my mind, I seemed so close with the nature when we walked in the park with the sound of water flowing in the river, Hell yeah, the city boy back to nature this time, Lol. playing with the goose, and some photoshot is a must, it was fun tho.


Lake Jocassee, as I mentioned earlier, you won't skip this. Lake Jocassee is perfect for skiing, kayaking, boating, swimming and fishing and the view are awesome. Here's a great pic that I found from South Carolina's Information Highway (www.sciway.com) and visit www.lakejocassee.com for more info. I hope I have time to come back again. 

Falls Park, keep breathing to see the breathaking view from this park, I really enjoyed my day here, even just sitting there for awhile and listen my fav playlist isone of the best things todo.

Chill out at downtown and main st greenville at night is perfect time to spend the weekend, you can enjoy and refresh your mind by attending stand up comedy at Underground Coffee shop for $10, I think they've performing every saturday night, but Im not really sure, then you can go to Addy's Dutch Restaurant & Cafe and having celebrator beer, that's my friend favorit and they told me to try it, and yeaa it was great. And, this is some spot that I love from this lovely cities, it was really awesome.

I don't have so much time to try every single restaurant here, and I don't know either where to eat. So if you are looking for dinner spot, Tupelo Honey Cafe in downtown is one of the best choice I though, I know this from my host Matt, he's local and he know everythings, so glad to meet him and carried us to the best spot. Anyway, the place is pretty chic for me if you happen for brunch as you seen on the pic, cause at the night, they are so busy and the table is full sometimes, but quite fancy tho. They served so many good food and guest are welcome with honey, buleberry jam and also hot biscuits, lovely.

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The next day, before I'm heading back to Atlanta, we had a perfect brunch , even you're awake at 12pm, you can still having your breakfast at Stax Omega, they still served breakfast even tho is already 01.00 pm. but I choose Gyross platter, cause is already lunch time, so I skip and jump for lunch, but if you're going for breakfast try the GREEK SKILLET! I really want to try it, my friend said is one of the favorit tho and looks good when my friend order it. For more info and menu, you can visit here www.staxs.net

I think my heart always left in the small cities like this, cause I love the vintage or classic building, they're not just pretty when we captured it, another reason small cities is always calm and you don't have to be stressed with the traffic or noisy sound sometime, really enjony the moment while I'm here. And, I'm so glad to meet some of locals people from Greenville, they're not just nice, they're so lovely and welcome to new people. so, that's my travel story this time, see you next time for another short escapes. Good Luck.

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