Sunday, September 28, 2014


Tomorrow is never be the same like yesterday, they've become our past, memories and a history for some people, like me, of course! And, today is my day to make a new history before the end of this year, a simple thing but worth to wait & paid. Yess, I'm talking about #TOMORROWWORLD2014 was held in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia at 26-28 September 2014. 

It is not just an EDM festival like usual, as we know that #TOMORROWWORLD2014 the three-day EDM festival imported from Belgium that is commandeering he 350-acre bouckaert farm. Anyway, this is the second year for #TOMORROWWORLD in U.S., and the organizers utilized the 400-foot-wide main stage from the 2013 belgium festival and in this case, there is no shame in recycling a product - AJC.

Do you know how many people are went to #TOMORROWWORLD2013 ?? There are 120,000 dance music fans to the event and I thought is pretty much the same this weekend, at least! It was so excited and exhausted last nite, cause there are eight stages spread on the property, and all the stages are AWESOME! Imagine you jump from one stage to another, but remember to keep your eyes for the main stage, where all my fav Dj's are performing, like Zedd, Avicii (but too bad, on the first day Avicii didn't show up, they said Avicii still recovery from bed rest, and so sad for me), but thanks to Tiesto for made friday nite amazing, second day and third day, you can dance all nite long with David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix and many more. 

So, I won't write too long, all I can said that you have to come, buy the ticket, feel the beat and enjoy your best rave party on earth like tomorrow doesn't exist! Anyway, this is my first time for #TOMORROWWORLD2014, I really will come back next time, I hope I can join and meet y'all at San Paolo, Brazil or Belgium for the real #TOMORROWLAND. Here's some of the atmosphere and videos that I can took while I'm still sober (I thought I'm bit tipsy during record the videos) that nite. Hope you guys enjoy, keep peace and love! Cause It doesn't matter the difference we are all together for the love of the music like me and some friends from #TOMOROWWORLD2014.

Proud and glad to be here, I'm a blogger from Indonesia, and I LOVE BALI!


if you're the first time like me, so just remember and following this step what you need to do and tips while you were there and feel the beat!
1. Keep Update for the schedule and absolutely you need to buy your ticket at
2. Plan your visit, you can camp at the dreamville for 5 Night 4 days if you come from out of states. Or you can buy the ticket for each day and stay at hotel, your choice. I'll do camp next time, there's a lots things do to like gathering party, yoga in the morning in front of the coolest stages and many more.
3. If you're on camp, make sure you bring more stuff for daily use, cause there's no bathroom :). you know what I mean and to do right? :).
4. Bring your ID, you must be +21 to enter this event. and I LOVE the BRACELET! as you see on the picture before, it was cool like a watch so you can wear n your daily style for accesories.
5. Come early as you can, cause you need 30-40 minutes from the parking lot to the gates and change your bracelet, you won't missed the schedule!
6.Keep your belonging safety during the festival, especially for value stuff like your gadget.
7. You don't need cash, all you need to do is top up your bracelet to buy F&B inside. Your bracelet is your wallet.
8. Being friends and make connection with everyone you meet, we are all the same here. and HAVE FUN!
9. Do not stand only for one stages, you need explore another Dj's, even you don't know them, but I bet you gonna love'em after.
10. HAVE FUN & STAY ALIVE! See you...


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  1. damn sooo lucky!
    abis berapa duit bro dari pesen tiket sampai balik kerumah?
    2015 di atlanta tuh, gowes lagi lahhh ;)