Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let's turn on your imagination for a while. Do you have any fantasy for breakfast or lunch? Imagine you're laying on the most comfortable bed, hearing the sounds of birds chirping outside the window. And when you open your eyes, there is someone bring a perfect omelette with pancake and hot chocolate in your bed, just waiting for you to wake up. Or you prefer for having breakfast in the green beautiful garden? Or probably with the view of seashore? Which one is your choice? :D

No matter what, 3 of them are my fantasy too! Of course a beautiful day to enjoy the weather, hearing the sounds of wind and reading some books for my daily read.

Pic by Kevin Childress

So, a couple days ago, I went to Downtown and walking around besides the sea, it's so relaxing my day, because there's lot of things that I can try, but unfortunately some of the store are closed on Sunday, and most of them that open are just clubs. 

Anyway, I found the perfect spot for brunch, the views and ambiance just like in Europe, Paris or London maybe and the most important and the uniqueness from this restaurant are the private balconies for couple, this building can have 9 couples around the balconies. When I saw it, I feels so excited and a bit terrible, because I saw so many couple having brunch on that day, and me? I'm the only one alone with books, HA! But it doesn't stop my curiosity about that place. So here I am, one high quality single enjoying the sea view, the wind, books and good music. It's totally a perfect brunch at The Riverboat Landing! As you can see the ambiance, you can also see the battle ship of USS, NC. 

This Spicy Shrimp Fra Diavolo made with sauteed shrimp, sweet Italian sausage, onions, tomatoes, garlic, white wine & olive oil tossed with linguini was made my day. Beside that, I got Salmon Cake Sliders - petite salmon cakes, steamed rolls, pickle cucumber, onion and tzatziki as starter, it's just like a mini burger, but this one is different, they grilled the salmon with tempura flour ad mix with some of vegetables. That's totally awesome!

The View from where I sit

Me and the single chair

It's definitely a perfect spot for brunch at Wilmington, North Carolina. Be here and feel romantic!

2 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28401
Ph: (910) - 763-7227
Hours: 11.30 am - 22.00 pm
Price: Good! $$

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