THREE BUNS?? NO, It's Easy - Bitsy BURGER

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Since I'm not staying in Jakarta, Indonesia (for awhile). I feel like I missed everything including the new update places of foods. Jakarta food & beverages establishment is growing up bigger, but I thought is really too much. Too many restaurants opened these days at the same time, it looks like they just want to compete each other or probably this is a new trend of urban people who lives in the big city?? You can answer it.

So, one of them is Three Buns, a new friend for foodies or foodlovers, you named it. I heard they have a really awesome burger and absolutely with great quality indeed. I really wanna try it and I love their ambiance also (I saw from so many social media of my friends). But some of them said maybe they won't come back again because the burger is overprice. I just wondering why. Because if you said those burger is perfect, then why $10 gonna be a problem? 

I'm not judging anyone, I just thinking why and the question is, are you really appreciate what you eat for or you just wanna be one of the hipsters whose following the new trend but getting shock with the price later on? So, if you're not one of them or if you're one of them, that's not a big deal. The problem solved if you make your own food and you'll know how much it cost to make one of your favorite dish or you can compare with your favorit place.

Meanwhile, I can't eat and feel the ambiance of Three Buns, some of my friends gave me a challenge to make my own fantasy burger, and here I call it Easy-Bitsy Burger, why? Because it's fill with Tripple Turkey Bacon, Tripple Ham, Cheese, Tomatoes and Sunny Side Up inside, also the jalapenos. It's really tasty, nasty and fatty.. Ha! This is perfect for accompany you before starting your big day and it's so simple to made. Enjoy..

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