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Most of Japanese people believe that Water Divination is one of the culture that will bring your wish being visible. Believe it or not, they did and I did the same thing when I visited Kibune Jinja. It's like you write your own wish and hanging on the blossom trees or just like on christmas day, you put your wishes to christmas tree. But this one is different, it wasn't like an usual tradition, they have meaning and history behind it. So let me tell a lil bit and what are you gonna do here for fun in Kibune Jinja.

Kibune Jinja was designated in Heinan times, and being one of the top from 22 shrine in Japan. The shrine is not too big like Fushimi Inari or any other, it so small (from what I see) and dedicated to water Kami, their located above the river. Which was you can see the water gushing all around and down through the rocks on the side of the mountain, you can drink it and also there is the place of water divination.

Enshrined here are Kuraokami no kami and his wife Mizuhonone no kami, both considered water gods. After the capital was moved to Kyoto, the emperor would visit here for rain ceremonies.  If rainfall was needed, a black horse would be offered to the shrine, if dry weather was needed, a white horse. That's the legend and those Kami is not actually the God of water itself, their fungsional as the provide of water to others. The God of water itself is Mizuhanome-no-kami or they called it Okami-no-kami is in the Mountain Kifune and controls the mysterious works of nature. hmmm it's hard to believe right? but it's so interested right. Enough with the story, let's see the whole ambiance the bus station to the KIBUNE JINJA SHRINE.

As I promise you before, I won't share only the history, but also I'll guide you to do something FUN here.. LOL

1. Absolutely take a picture in front of the gate and around the famous stairs is a must that you need to do.. 

2. Write/place a water Omikuji (fortune paper) on the surface of the water, let it flow with your wishes and it's gonna visible and you can drink the water from the rocks.
To get your fortune paper, you can ask the information center, they can also explain you the meaning of your Omikuji.

3. Get a real Japanese style lunch here, read this Kibune River Restaurant.

4. Along the road to the bus station, you can buy some merchandise from the local shop, all the merchandise are handmade and not too expensive, but some of them are expensive depends on the materials.

5. To release your stress from the crowd and your grazy life, you can go to Kurama, it's a different place from Kibune Jinja but too to far, they have Onsen (hot Springs) and don't forget to enjoy the Kurama-no-hi-Matsuri (Kuram Fir Festival) on the night of 22 october, it's one of the most exciting festivals in the Kyoto Area. I thought you need to check your calender from now :)

If you wanna go the the KIBUNE & KURAMA, here's the easy way:

1. Take the Eiden Eizan Line from Kyoto's to , Demachiyanagi Station.
2. Take the bus to Kibune Jinja station / Kibune Guchi and walk around 20 minutes up the hill, it takes 410 yen.
3. If you wanna go to Onsen, used the same bus but stop at Kurama Station and walk straight out of the station. The ticket bus is the same and it takes 30 minutes.
4. If you're sill not sure, ask the driver and show the address, cause sometimes the driver can't speak english. It would be better if you show the add or pic.

Address: 180 Kuramakibunecho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 601-1112, Japan
Hours: 6 am - 8 pm
Admission: FREE

Address: 520 Kuramahonmachi, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 601-1111, Japan.
Hours: 10am - 8pm
- 2500 yens for accessing both the inside and ouside baths (towel, bath towel and yukata are provided).
- 1100 yens for accessing only outside bath; this is probably the most interesting option for a short visit, as it is more affordable price.


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  1. this help me to convince my cousin to go there. keep posting dude!.