Halloween costume Idea - DRAGON CON 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Does anyone know about Dragon Con? if not, do not worry cause this is my first time as well to attend dragon con 2014 in downtown Atlanta, GA. Yess, Dragon Con is an annual event that is always held in Atlanta. They are one of the largest community lovers of multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science, fiction& fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music and film. So, if you one of the biggest fans of that, you're very welcome to be part of them by joining the member. Interested? for more information detail you can read here. www.dragoncon.org

The sun shine so bright that day, and the peachtree street is already full with bunch of locals to celebrate and wait for the dracon con parade 2014. I've been there around 9.45 am, I'm not late for the parade, but I'm too late for looking the best spot to captured all the moments and the costume that I wanted to see, cause I'm so tiny and I thought everybody come around 8 and they taken their own spot. That's another lesson for me for the next event.

I'm so excited when the police car start moving and followed by marching band, it means the parade begin. Everything is running well, everyone happy o see a hundreds costume from any kind of anime character, disney, sci-fi, movie and many more. All the costume are awesome and some of them really really inspire me to make as good as they are. 

So, Halloween is coming less then one month, are you already know what are you gonna play? if not, here's some of the best moment and costume that I wanted to figure and play next month. Hopefully you know what you want. I grouping the costume pictures based on the character, so it's gonna easy for you to find what you like to wear, from the Disney character, Underworld, Super hero and Sci-fi /Robot, you name it.





And, this is my fav scene from the Dragon Con 2014.

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